Red Hot Redbox Seeing 40 Rentals Per Second: Infographic

Only days after reporting $363.9 million in quarterly revenue and $79 million in operating income, up 34% and 99% year-over-year, respectively, DVD kiosk company Redbox has released some more impressive figures. With more than 27,000 kiosks spread across the country, the Coinstar-owned service is now seeing an average of 55 million monthly rentals and up to 40 rentals per second.

That's a lot of movies circulating for a service that requires a trip to the local grocery store. But as Redbox's numbers indicate, the company is growing fast, and expanding its reach beyond physical pickups and into the digital world.

According to Redbox, which released a handy infographic to boast of its growth, the company has seen more than 4.5 million iPhone app downloads and more than 2.1 million Android app downloads. Additionally, is now receiving nearly 9 million monthly unique visitors, while it also boasts 30.5 million newsletter subscribers and 2.7 million SMS subscribers.

In other words, consumers aren't just experiencing Redbox at the kiosk—although an estimated 270 million people walk by one each week. Its digital reach provides a healthy foundation in case it ever decides to expand beyond its kiosk competition with NCR's Blockbuster chain, and launch a streaming video service, as reports have suggested.

And for Netflix, the numbers are yet another sign that competition is growing. The streaming and DVD-by-mail service recently caused shockwaves after announcing a price hike, which analysts estimate could cost the company more than two million subscribers—subscribers who could find their way to a Redbox kiosk with the cash saved.

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  • Justin J. Dean

    Anybody know the current stats on what the average user spends per rental?

  • Justin Winget

    Magic 8-ball says RedBox will be clawing to maintain relevance within another year or 2. With consumer access to on-demand movie packages (i.e. Comcast) and instant gratification subscription packages (NetFlix via Apple TV) I just don't see why people leave their couches once these services go mainstream.

  • Justin J. Dean

    Absolutely agree. I gladly pay $2 extra per rental (Apple TV) so that I don't have to deal with driving to a RedBox, remembering to return it, dealing with whats in stock (and whats not), waiting in line with smelly people, and most of all - never having to deal with a DVD menu again. Plus, its always convenient to pick up a RedBox if you see the kiosk... its never convenient to return it within 24 hours (who goes to Walgreens twice in 24 hours?).

  • Tom Willis

    Can't agree with you guys.  On demand movies have been available for a long long time, the only barrier to thier success has been the cost.  Redbox has a delicate recipe of low cost and location, location, location.  Unless you work from home, I guarantee you drive right by a Redbox going to and from work every day of your life.  Redbox will be the last and only successful way to get a DVD in your hands and that will last well beyond 2 years.  I don't think a streaming solution will complete head to head with Redbox, they are different models and there's enough market perference for both plays.  Streaming solutions will be just run of the mill, as they all have been to date until someone comes up that that recipe of being cheap, quality stream to your TV and most importanly have all the premium content people want.  With the addition of games and further penetration across the country, and possibilities to expand globally, Redbox will continue to be uber successful.