The Top 10 Marketing Sites For Social Media Marketing Trends

Recently, the Pivot Conference team set out to learn more about the state of social advertising and the future ahead by conducting an industry survey of 230 brand managers, executives, and marketing professionals. We will release the full report during the week of July 25th. Not all of the insights we learned will make it into the final report. However, I will share a few interesting findings as they come up starting with this one…

The Top Marketing Sites for Social Media Marketing Trends

We asked participants to share their favorite sites, blogs, and newsletters for learning the latest about social media marketing trends.

1. Mashable earned the top spot with 82%
2. Techcrunch followed with 61%
3. AdAge earned the third spot with 54%
4. emarketer — 44%
5. Brandweek — 36%
6. MarketingProfs — 27%
7. SmartBrief for Social Media — 26%
8. Altimeter Group — 26%
9. MarketingSherpa — 21%
10 ClickZ — 20%

We also asked survey respondents about the role they play within their organization. The titles reflect the state of social media within business and the importance executives place in information related to new technology and trends.

Corporate Marketing Managers represented the largest group of individual respondents with 16%, but a three-way tie followed closely behind with participants representing Corporate Presidents/CEO's/Principals, Directors of Marketing, and Agency Presidents/CEOs/Principals.

What do you think? What are your favorite resources for social media?

Stay tuned for the report on Social Advertising next week! To read our first report, please follow the link: "Brands Pursue the Social Consumer."

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  • Carl Fuentes

    .. Would have to say social media is needed when marketing a website. , but it can prove to be a time-consuming task and whether or not you have a lot of patience and perseverance. I'm so lucky to find this site

  • Scott Coplen

    All organizations should have a Director of Social Media. All VIPs should have an active Twitter, Google+ and Facebook account.

  • JVMFan

    Great artilcle. Also check out Making the Best Use of Your List: 10 Dead-Honest Reasons Reporters Delete Your Emails
    For startups, getting press is key to survival.  You could have the best team and the best product, but if no one’s heard of you, you’re done.
    The problem startups have is that they’re new, which means they have no brand to help sell themselves.
    There’s also a lot of noise to break through now that it’s cool to start a company.
    So how do you make a reporter care?
    You don’t need to be well known to be newsworthy. Your startup doesn’t even need to be the next Google. You just need a good email list and some general rules to follow.

  • elias shams

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