DIY U: The Future Of Learning [Video]

From Khan Academy and TED Talks to instructional YouTube videos, the future of learning is open and free.

The future of learning is open—and it's in your hands.

This video series, based in part on my book DIY U explains that while the higher education bubble may be overblown, there is an explosion happening in the edu-world, with technology and openness transforming content, social learning, and accreditation all at once. Part One explains what's happening and why the old models no longer apply.

Video Produced by Michael McCarthy

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  • Stephanie Rogers

    Great video! I love these graphic drawing videos. I'm very interested in the future of education and especially the idea of making education more affordable for everyone. I look forward to your future videos.

  • David Kaiser, PhD

    For the moment at least, universities provide some things that open learning doesn't *yet*:

    1> proof that some learning has occurred. You have to take a test or write a paper. It's far from fool-proof, but it's something.

    2> an instructor who can help you take sense of the material. Again, plenty of bad examples, but there are times when YouTube videos aren't enough and you need a human.

    3> Social contact with peers. Who you meet is at least as important as what you learn.

    Open learning has a lot of benefits, not the least of which is the cost and the flexibility. I am curious to see how it will adapt.

    David Kaiser, PhD
    Time Management Coach to Authentic Leaders