5 LinkedIn Tips You Didn't Know

It may not be as dramatic as Twitter or as ubiquitous as Facebook, but LinkedIn attracts dedicated users who are serious about business. Here's how to connect with them using the fast-growing service's most powerful new tools.

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Whether it's Mark Zuckerberg talking about killing pigs or a Hollywood blockbuster under its belt, Facebook has plenty of attention in our lives. Twitter falls into the same camp. From Justin Bieber's noisy 10 million followers to hordes of social media gurus tweeting the benefits of 140 characters or less, it's easy to discover how and what makes Twitter work. However, there is one social network that lacks drama but makes up for it with a devoted business community and plenty of compelling features.

Here are five LinkedIn tips you should try today.

1. Use "Signal" to discover relevant news and information

When you're logged in to LinkedIn, take a tour of a new-ish feature called Signal. This tool lets you easily monitor updates within your network, but more importantly you can filter information so you can also see what people in your extended circle (2nd and 3rd connections) are posting. You can also do the same filtering by industry or location, so you can weed through the noise.

2. Export your connections

Go to "My Connections" to view a list of all your LinkedIn contacts. This address book is a really handy way to get email addresses and updated information, but most importantly you can export this list. At the bottom of the page click "Export Connections," which will put all this contact info in a format suitable for your address book (Microsoft Outlook, Yahoo! Mail, etc.).

3. Create a resume

If you've already filled out your LinkedIn profile information, it's easy to use it to create a foundation for a resume. The Resume Builder will suck in your professional past and you can use any of the pre-built templates to make it look good. From an Executive style presentation to a more casual layout, this tool will take some of the pain out of the resume building process. You can export the resume, share it easily, and edit as you wish.

4. Start and use groups

While, unlike Twitter, you might not find celebrities hanging out, you will find a wealth of relevant conversations within LinkedIn groups. Creating a group is a cinch and a great opportunity to jump-start a good business chat. If you don't know what group to join, click on "Groups You May Like" to get you started. To learn more about the benefits of Groups and what LinkedIn has planned for this feature in the future, visit their online tutorial.

5. Customize your URL

Custom domain names have been all the rage for a while on Facebook, but you can do the same on LinkedIn. Visit the "Edit Profile" tab and click "Public Profile" at bottom left. Once you're on this page, on the far right you will see "Your current URL." This is where you can customize your LinkedIn domain name so you can better brand your account.

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  • CommonMistakePolice

    There is a huge difference between:

    1-Associating a Domain Name to fb/tweetwer/whatever, would be changing its nameserver from your domain registrAR (ex: namecheap ) or pointing via dns records, that would give the user the ability to have the traffic ( & analytics ) directly on his/her domain .... without ever beeing on linkedin.com, fb.com etc .. ONE CANNOT DO THIS. you would put all of 'em out of business. ( please note, this is not the same as masking NOR forwarding )
    Vs. 2-Customizing Your User Name on Linkedin's Domain (or fb, etc ) .. allows you to change the URL AFTER ( and this is not a subdomain as well as some like to state ) the .com ( linkedin(.)com/CHANGING-THIS-IS-NOT-THE-SAME-AS-CHANGING-THE-DOMAIN, it is a user name, a folder under that domain ( linkedin, .. ) linkedin.com/before ... linkedin.com/after ............. they might allow subdomain ( i doubt though ) and that would be ( yourname.domain.tld .. yourname.linkedin.com ... would be a subdomain ... )

  • prasad

    I was completely unknown about profile URL customization and resume building service. Thanks for this informative post. I would love add something more about paid services of LinkedIn. Actually all of the paid services are really useful for any person who works on higher lever of management. Most of the career development portals like http://www.careerfolio.net/ also offer the same services within less cost.

  • aaditysony

    These are the eye opening tips for all the candidates who are appearing for jobs....Great article i must say and a very well written blog..The best part of this article is point #5 customizing url...............I did not knew about this point ..... This can be done for branding the individual's account .....

  • Mohammed Shomam

    Great article. Just a quick note...there's a typo in point #4 (should be "Creating a group is a cinch...").http://methoo.com

  • MyTradeZone

    For B2B companies, is LinkedIn considered appropriate to use for social networking?

    LinkedIn does not seem to be focused on B2B lead generation, but is mostly for personal careers of business professionals, and is good for HR and recruiting.
    Georgio, MyTradeZone - The B2B Social Network (http://www.mytradezone.com)

  • Derrith Lambka

    Great tips!  Want to know more?

    This is one of the most popular articles on MarketingZone:  How to Market Yourself & Your Company on LinkedIn


    Founder of MarketingZone is ex Hewlett-Packard marketing exec.  This article shares all her insights about the pros, cons and tips to use LinkedIn as a tool to get new business leads.  The article is always being updated to share new tips. 

  • Nick Braak

    Sorry to sound smug, but I knew about all five of these.  But I'm sure others didn't. LinkedIn has many nooks and crannies.

    The advice given for exporting to Outlook is not the best solution. LinkedIn has a plugin for the Outlook Social Connector, a free tool from Microsoft that automatically syncs all your LI contacts and status updates with Outlook continuously. No need to export, import or play around with files. The details and downloads can be found here: http://www.linkedin.com/static... 

    Nick Braak
    Online Reputation Consultant
    Highwick Associates

  • Kim Richmond

    Great article. Just a quick note...there's a typo in point #4 (should be "Creating a group is a cinch...").