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The Board Vector: A New Board Assessment Toolkit

If an organization and its board are not moving forward through innovation to meet changing needs in the world around us, then the organization is at risk of losing its way and its impact.

Based on my work in consulting to boards of directors, I've developed a new toolkit—The Board Vector—for boards to assess where they are and where they need to be in order to develop and sustain vibrant, high-achieving organizations. The toolkit builds on board assessment materials provided in my book, Leveraging Good Will: Strengthening Nonprofits by Engaging Businesses. This week, I"ll be presenting The Board Vector toolkit at the Omidyar Network Executive Forum, which you can read about in my earlier post this week.

Two key factors distinguish The Board Vector approach:

  1. The assessment toolkit focuses on the board's capacity in relation to the organization's capacity. To highlight the interplay between the board and organization, it includes an exciting approach to visually charting and understanding that relationship.
  2. The toolkit enables CEOs and boards to identify key elements required to transition a board to achieve the organization's greater vision.

This way, you can determine whether the organization is stalled, idling, raring to go, or moving full speed ahead. Then, critically, the toolkit helps to identify the factors that need to be remedied in order to transition the board to "full speed ahead."

The Board Vector also includes recommendations for levers for change that, in my experience, have proven effective for boards and organizations. For example, there are often a couple of board members who "get it;" with expert coaching and guidance they can be empowered to step up and lead a healthy board transition. For the sake of the mission and the people that the organization serves. And to achieve the greater vision of what is possible.

You will find The Board Vector toolkit — including the survey and a sample report — on this page.

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  • Alice Korngold

    Kevin, thank you so much for your comment!  It's been great to be connected with you and our other colleagues. 

    Becky, my sincere apologies for not having caught and responded to your comment earlier.  Until this week, the entire Board Vector toolkit was available for download, for free, on my website, and many people did so. By June 1, the toolkit will be available for use in an electronic format for boards to use; we will charge a modest fee to distribute the survey to board members, compile the results for boards and provide reports, etc.  In the meantime, if you email me at I'll be glad to email you information.

  • Kevin Monroe

    As a board consultant, the Board Vector is one of the most useful assessment instruments I've seen. I appreciate that it incorporates both the organizational and board capacities as well as helping identify a path forward.

  • Becky Carter

    The Board Vector sounds fascinating, but am I doing something wrong?  All I can see of it is a cover page and page 2.  Perhaps this is an ad?  If so, it isn't clear what to do.

    Fast Company is the BEST!

    Becky Carter