Osama Bin Laden Dead, The Story Twitter Broke

"The United States has conducted an operation that killed Osama bin Laden," President Barack Obama has just announced. 

Word that Obama would be making an announcement started spreading around 10:30 p.m. EST. (News coverage would eventually cut into the last bit of Donald Trump's Celebrity Apprentice, adding a final, albeit likely unplanned, coda to Obama's skewering of Trump at Saturday night's White House Correspondent's Association dinner.) But Keith Urbahn, chief of staff for the office of the former Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld, appears to be the first to have broken the news that Osama bin Laden, 54, the man responsible for the attacks of September 11, 2001, is dead—via his @keithurbahn Twitter feed.

As CNN bounced between various reporters guessing at details and the New York Times website crumbled under a massive flood of clicks (at the time of our first post, it was nearly impossible to get on the site, impossible to access the initial story—a seven-page bin Laden obituary was published shortly thereafter), Urbahn was tweeting what he's found out from his sources.

For example, he believes it's unlikely, if the U.S. had an inside intelligence source that bin Laden would have been killed via drone attack.

... And indeed, Obama confirmed that after years ago authorizing Leon Panetta, who, it was reported last week, is about to become Obama's Secretary of Defense, to make the killing of bin Laden "top priority" in the war against al Qaeda. 

"Last August, I was briefed about a possible lead," Obama said in a speech Sunday evening at about 11:30 p.m. EST. "It took many months to run this thead to ground." Obama said the U.S. military had found that bin Laden had been "hiding within a compound"—a mansion eight times the size of others nearby—in Abbottabad, Pakistan, an affluent area where many retired military officials lived. 

Above, Google Maps already has the compound labeled.

He was killed after a firefight between bin Laden's forces and "a small team of Americans," Obama said. Later it was reported that the 40-minute operation was conducted by Navy Seals in helicopters and on the ground. No Americans were harmed, and the U.S. forces killed bin Laden and took possession of his body. 

Obama reportedly gave the order to attack the compound in a National Security meeting as the world media watched the Royal wedding. 


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  • Odin Wolf

    I would also like to applaud President Obama for keeping his word on bringing Bin Laden to justice as one of his top priorities shortly after taking office. He did something the Bushes could never do. I also want to back up my statements below with supporting facts from various sources:

    The Bush and the Bin Laden families are linked by mutual investments in oil companies and the Bushes Third Reich/Nazi connection and source of their wealth:
    http://lundissimo.info/wtc/bus..., http://www.guardian.co.uk/worl..., http://www.rense.com/general26... and

  • Mike M

    Odin, yes I read that book on the Bush's as well- indeed- a lot there- but 911 conspiracy theories are hard to swallow given all that has been brought forth since. I certainly believe there may have been an abuse of the window this attack provided- but I think the end goal was to bring a new world order to the middle east- elite benefits from the oil, US benefits from a false hope it would be just like WWII- replace bad (dictatorships then, fundamentalists now) w/ good (democracy). But- big mistake- was the foundation of many peoples lives is their religion- Eurpope was largely a Christian region when the governmental systems were changed post WWII- the middle east- not the same. You seem smart enough to know the argument over WMD is frivelous- of course he had them b/c we have the receipts- but hopefully equally smart enough to know- it indeed is possible that Bin Laden and Al Qaeda were the ones responsible for 911. After all- you can't have it both ways. Either US policy has spawned such hatred- as evidenced by Al Qaeda's existence- or it has not. He did it. He succeeded. Many made the situation even worse. And now he has been 'brought to justice', whatever that feels like for those who lost a loved one- on 911, or in the battlefield of Iraq, Afghanistan etc. since- my cousin lost her son in Afghanistan about a year ago- tied to 911, no doubt.....but he's dead- and in my opinion, better world that he is. I wonder however if historians will paint W's decision, given the dominoe effect of democratic revolts in the middle east- as a happenstance tipping point in world history. If the middle east does end largely democratic- and Obama continues down the road of changing our foreign policy- W may be the benefactor in the long run....and ironically declared a 'genius'. As Churchill said- history will be in my favor b/c I intend to write it.

  • Odin Wolf

    If you're going to make statements as if they are fact, please research and verify they are correct. Your statement, "Osama bin Laden, 54, the man responsible for the attacks of September 11, 2001, is dead", is not totally correct. He is not "the man" responsibile for the 911 attacks. He happened to take credit for it two weeks after the fact because no one else did/would. Bush, his cronies and the upper echolon of the men controlling our government had a lot to do with 911. The Bush family owned oil companies with Bin Laden, they were business partners and protected by the Bush family. Just as the Bush family helped several high ranking Nazis escape persecution at the end of WW2, by accepting and keeping their monies and valuables safe in the States. And now we are spending our hard-earned tax monies keeping the Bush family safe because of all the bad/evil things done by the Bush administration to our country, many countries abroad, our reputation and our common main tax paying citizens for 16 years.

    Obama has a lot to clean up (behind and in front of the scenes) and will be taking a lot of blame for what the Bush's have done.