Wanted: A Practical Laptop Pedestal

The A-stand is a rugged ergonomic stand for your laptop that packs flat, assembles fast, and boasts a little Danish design cred.


If the sight of anything flat-packed makes your skin crawl, then you've definitely been the victim of at least one heavier-than-it-looks Ikea bookshelf. But fear not, genteel reader: the A-stand arrives looking like a model car (Ages 4+, we'd say) not a masochistic Sunday afternoon. Made from standard-sized PVC piping and joints, the A-Stand is rugged, practical, and light: perfect for those rough-and-tumble office rats who care secretly about ergonomics. It's so simple, in fact, it'll make you wonder why it took some Danish guy with a PhD to design it. And why it's $70. But hush—it's European. Comes in black, white, and (our favorite) yellow.

Available now from aiaiai.dk for DKK 400 ($70 USD).

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  • Peter Gilbert

    Wanted: A Practical Laptop Pedestal: I'm sorry but in this economy there are too many less cumbersome ergonomic solutions at a more competitive price-point.
    The closest to the “A-stand” that needs no instruction book to assemble is called the “Cricket” http://tinyurl.com/3fkzqlk  this sells for $38.95 and is percent for all size notebooks and tablets including the iPad.
    If you’re looking for the truest mobile ergonomic notebook solution, you should check out the H2 line. These are the coolest notebook stand & keyboard combination:   http://www.ergoprise.com/brand...
    Lastly, if you own an iPad 1 or 2 the iPad Spin Stand is a must have! Check out the video of it’s functionality:  http://tinyurl.com/4y75z2m