Dropbox Rockets To 25M Users, More Daily Files Than Tweets On Twitter

We always hear about hot startups like Foursquare, Instagram, Foodspotting, or GroupMe. But another startup is making more waves than all of these social media companies combined.

Today, cloud-sharing and storage startup Dropbox announced that it's rocketed to 25 million registered users globally, a massive 525% increase since January 2010, when the San Francisco-based company recorded 4 million users. Even more impressive? Users on the site are saving more than 200 million files per day on the free service, which allows consumers to share files online from anywhere with an Internet connection—computers, tablets, smartphones, and so on.

"For context, that's more files saved per day than tweets on Twitter," boasts Dropbox cofounder Drew Houston. "Growth has been phenomenal."

Well over half of Dropbox's growth comes from its referral program—users receive 2GB of storage for free when first registering, but can earn additional 250MB for each time another user is referred.

"We have a zero advertising budget," Houston says. Yet "people refer their friends like crazy," adds cofounder Arash Ferdowsi.

To further goose growth, Dropbox also announced today that it's adding language support for Spanish, German, French, and Japanese. Some 50% of Dropbox's users are already from outside the US—with the expanded language set, Dropbox expects its hockey stick-like user uptick to continue.

[Image: Flickr user Akakumo

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  • Jeff

    It's a useful program. However, it does require that files are also stored on the local machine. To me, this slightly defeats the purpose.

  • Gregory Hovagim

    Hey jeff, I'm a heavy user of dropbox & I think you're talking about the desktop app. I can log into their website and download/upload any documents I want to. It has been awesome to use for my partner & I for class. As we save the document, it resynchronizes so the newest rev is always transferred to the cloud.

  • Lisa Gerber

    I love love love Dropbox. Interesting about using that referral program to help gain users. Great model for start-ups to achieve growth - but has to be something of real value. (As Dropbox illustrates)