Huge Valuations For Groupon And Flipboard, Your Weekend Sleep-Cast, Self-Erasing HDs, And More...

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eBook Sales Top Print

eBooks raked in $90 million in February, up 202% from last year, as reported by the Association of American Publishers. One important caveat: the report does not include retailers, such as Barnes & Noble, so the numbers are not a precise reflection of the market. [Updated: 2:39]

National Online IDs Move Forward

The White House is moving forward with a plan to develop secure online identities, which appear to remove the need for passwords or other verification information to access most websites. A user would only need to become verified through a single organization and then surf the web freely. [Updated: 2:00]

Watch Coachella Live

The popular music festival will live stream via Youtube starting today. It's just like being at the festival--without having to wait an hour in 200 degree heat for a $20 bag of ice. [Updated: 2:00]

Groupon Valued At Up To $20 Billion

One of the world's fastest growing businesses may be worth up to $20 billion for their upcoming IPO--three times what Google reportedly offered.

Flipboard Said To Be Valued At $200 Million

The popular iPad app scores $50 million in funding, bringing its valuation to a solid $200 million.

Weekends Don't Make Up For Lost Sleep

Without eight hours of sleep, we continually decline in mental prowess, and weekend catch-ups probably won't help.

Toshiba's Self-Erasing Harddrives

Super-secure harddrives, like phones for protestors, can erase themselves if they detect booting up in the wrong machine; it even tosses the encryption key away way too, making the data permanently inaccessible.

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[Image: Flickr user Ruiz Alonso]

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