Gmail Now Prevents Embarrassing Mistaken-Identity Email Messages

What about Bob? He won't be forgotten or confused with others anymore, thanks to a new Gmail default mechanism emerging from Labs.


Gmail Labs is a repository of fun and helpful stuff--so helpful, in fact, that we often wonder why Labs features don't become Gmail fixtures more often. Starting now, Gmail has decided that two Labs features-- "Don't forget Bob" and "Got the wrong Bob?"--both deserve to enter the Gmail canon. A few of the Fast Company staff found these additions live in their accounts today.

The features are fairly simple, drawing advice from your emailing patterns. Say you regularly email a certain group of people. If you suddenly leave one person out, a little feature in your composition window will suggest you "Also include" certain other contacts, which you can add with a simple click.

And here's one I could have used last week, when I wanted to email my editor Tyler Gray and my colleague Greg Ferenstein something. I accidentally sent the materials to Tyler and to a completely different Greg F., a friend who doesn't work for Fast Company. Whoops. "Got the wrong Bob?" would have caught that error (its algorithm is sophisticated enough to handle Gregs, too, apparently). When I enter the wrong Greg F.'s info, a red "Did you mean" pops up, and offers me up the Greg F. I intended to email. Just clicking that replaces the errant Greg with the proper one.

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