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Wanted: Reclaimed Firehose Bag Can Easily Survive Your Bathroom

Hand-cleaned and assembled with a silk lining, they've gone from saving the lives of Britons to cradling your cosmetics. Noble indeed.

A team of leather workers use scrubs and brushes to clean soot and grime off this reclaimed firehose material, which is then sewed into uber-durable washbags lined in old parachute silk. Go ahead, read that again. Clever, right?

Designers Elvis & Kresse collect their discarded firehose from "fire brigades around the U.K." and have reclaimed something like 165 tons of material since they started up in 2007. Fifty percent of their proceeds are donated to a charity for families of firefighters, making the heavy price seem excusable. $100 at AHAlife.


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