Amazon Debuts Kindle for $114, Packed With Visa, Olay, Buick Ads, Sponsored Screensavers

The ad-fortified Wi-Fi-only e-reader will save you $25 but beg you to ultimately spend more with its sponsors. Then again, you're used to solicitations in your digital reading, aren't you? (Hint: Look up, right.)

Kindle with ads

Amazon just released a discounted Kindle model that displays advertisements on the homescreen and screensaver. The "Kindle with Special Offers" model mere $114—$25 cheaper than the most inexpensive model. A 3G version will retail for $189

"We're working hard to make sure that anyone who wants a Kindle can afford one," said Amazon founder and CEO, Kindle with Special Offers is the same #1 bestselling Kindle - and it's only $114. Kindle is the best deal in consumer electronics anywhere in the world."

Visa, Buick, and Reward Visa Card are among the first round sponsors of the new device, with specially designed advertisements for the digital ink screen.

Among the first deals to be beamed on the device are:

  • $10 for $20 Gift Card
  • $6 for 6 Audible Books (normally $68)
  • $1 for an album in the Amazon MP3 Store (choose from over 1 million albums)
  • $10 for $30 of products in the Amazon Denim Shop or Amazon Swim Shop Free
  • $100 Gift Card when you get an Amazon Rewards Visa Card (normally $30

Amazon with Special Offers is available for pre-order now and will ship May 3rd.

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  • Bob

    It is worth it. What people are missing is that the ads only appear when you are not using the device for an extended period of time. If you are reading or listening to music/audiobooks, you won't see ads at all. It's basically the same as if someone paid you $25 to replace the your fishtank screensaver on your computer with a Nissan one. It doesn't affect using the device in any way. Good move by amazon

  • Rob Day

    @Chuck - I couldn't agree more. Soil your leisure activity with more ads to save.... $25? NO THANKS!

    Assuming the Kindle lasts a user for several years (5) and you are a relatively regular reader (12 book/yr) then you typically recoup the cost of even the 3G version in book savings. I know consumers can be myopic, but I don't think this is nearly enough of a proposition.

    For an ad based model they would have had to drop below the magic 100 and even then it may not be that big of a sales increase.