Shopping Can Save Your Life

Is our consumer culture, focused on the constant purchasing of disposable goods, destroying our civilization? Quite possibly! But it's also, apparently, making us live longer and healthier lives. Researchers in Taiwan recently completed a study that shows that elderly men and women who shopped once a week or more were 27% less likely to die than those who shopped less frequently.

In an odd blow to shopping stereotypes, it turns out men benefit from this shopping longevity boost even more than women—frequent male shoppers were 28% less likely to die, as opposed to 23% for women.

The study did not find if the shoppers are living longer simply because the act of shopping is so invigorating. Other, less reductive explanations could be simply that frequent shopping indicates a more affluent lifestyle, increased access to fresh foods, or extra chances for exercise, any of which could contribute to longer life. 

Regardless, people who shop more live longer so, ipso facto, get shopping if you want to live longer. Or, really, get your parents or grandparents shopping for their sake. Tell them they can buy you gifts—like a subscription to Fast Company.

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  • Steve Ziemba

    Hmm? Wonder how many friends and family they tell about their purchases? Maybe the power of Word of Mouth is really the life saving factor. -- Steve Z | Word of Mouth Marketing Association

  • Lawrence

    "...get shopping if you want to live longer."

    This blog perpetuates a correlation-causation fallacy. The abstract of the article from JoECH makes the correlation between shopping and longevity of life but that does not mean that shopping causes longevity. There are many other scientifically supported causes of longevity that would explain the correlation of shopping and longevity but shopping, by itself, isn't it.

  • Mark

    I didn't really need another reason to shop...but this is quite possibly the best. excuse. ever.