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The Last Word in Branding

When Brand identity expert David Brier ran across this manifesto on manifestos, his creative juices started to flow. But your help is needed to fill in the final word.

Today, I ran across this most amazing Manifesto from the brilliant mind of writer/creative director Kim Mok. It's called, "How to Write a Manifesto" and is pure genius.

Just so we're all on the same page, here's the definition:

Manifesto |ˌmanəˈfestō|
noun ( pl. -tos)
a public declaration of policy and aims, esp. one issued before an election by a political party or candidate.
ORIGIN mid 17th cent.: from Italian, from manifestare, from Latin, 'make public,' from manifestus 'obvious'.

Here is Kim's insightful creation from her Web site:

So, I decided to write a manifesto on... Branding, based on Kim's brilliant model. It worked flawlessly. Only thing is, I was unable to work out what the last word should be. That's where YOU come in.

Please pass along, make recommendations in the comments below and together we can complete this manifesto entitled, "Why Committees Don't Create Brands."

Why Committees Don't Create Brands

Today, a brand will be born.

Today, a brand will rise above the me-toos, the almost-rans and the vanilla campaigns that have sprung forth from committees locked in windowless rooms with luke warm coffee and fattening donuts.

Inspiration doesn't happen in small rooms with locked doors and closed minds.

Inspiration is about you. And me.

A brand can inspire, refuel and revitalize—breathing new energy into what was previously only a dream.




Brands don't just happen...

From the weather.

From fate.

From things we cannot control.

A brand consolidates ideas, insight and aesthetics into a force that can change the course of a company, alter the course of allegiance, unite the passions of people, revive the energy of a dream.

(What should the last word be?)

Recipient of over 320 national and international design and branding recognitions and awards, David Brier is an award-winning brand identity designer, author, and branding expert. His firm's work has won the admiration of peers and organizations but has, more importantly, helped clients jump-start their brands in new and innovative ways, even (and especially) when they've failed in previous brand makeovers. Most recently, David's celebrated work for Botanical Bakery was selected for the 2010 Communication Arts Design Annual and will be featured in "The Big Book of Packaging."

Since you've read this far, you can request a Free copy of "The Lucky Brand" eBook.

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  • Susan Miles

    Great Clip. I would wrap it up with the word:
    A noun? A verb?
    Let the reader figure it out... it can go many directions.

  • Mark Resnick

    "WORD" Especially if your demographic is younger than the baby boomer... (or an older fart pretending to be younger than the baby boomer he is!) Word -

  • Cesar Vargas

    I think the word should be "Permeate". Something that is able to pervade or be spread through out. Depending on the brand it is either welcomed, like a pleasant aroma or attracts like a loud thunderous crash.

  • Scott Schmidt

    ORCHESTRATE - I feel the word encompasses all points of your manifesto including the consolidation of ideas and insight with asthetics as a conductor would do - he works with the whole team and a lot of passion, dreams ideas and gets everyone to unite behind a flawless ORIGINAL performance which draws crouds form everywhere. It inspires and unites. From an execution or executive geared definition it communicates a graceful, causitive mindset of action and agreement that again promotes and communicates a smooth flawless execution of an idea. Basically the word has a creative, powerful, elegence to it that inspires agreement to take action which I believe is what you are trying to acheive with your manifesto. Great work David. I enjoy staying tuned in...

  • Maria N.

    BREATHE...A brand will be born today. It has to do all the aforementioned tasks. But first it has to breathe.

  • Nitin Dani

    A rather cliche and often-repeated word, but nevertheless very important:


    Redefine notions, redefine itself, redefine the offering/product and reinvent. Need for 'shifting' or 'changing' paradigms.

  • christopher goodsell

    The last word should be:


    One of a kind, a total non-conformer, makes absolutely no sense. Brings together elements into an new massively successful design that has lasted for millennia.

  • christopher goodsell

    Well the brief was that it the last word should make no sense. :) I think it's right up there with Kumquat.

  • Mark Bassinger


    A great brand lives in a location not subject to the normal rules of the universe.

  • Chantal Hendrickx

    The last word should be...


    A brand has to "charm" all kind of people in all circumstances every day and night, even without notice of time and place by and never losing its subtile power and overall passion!

  • Leigh Nolan

    The last word should be


    Because although a brand is created by people, it ultimately lives on its own. It will evolve of its own accord.

    You can attempt to cajole, coax and corral - but the control lies outside of any one person/organization's grasp - forever more.

  • David Brier

    Like a breath of fresh air on a cool night through the lonely hearts of the city. Love it.