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Work Smart 3: Enchantment With Guy Kawasaki

In this inaugural edition of Work Smart 3, our series on productivity and streamlining your work life, host Amber Mac talks Enchantment with noted influencer Guy Kawasaki. In his new book the serial entrepreneur shares his strategies for influencing everyone from your cab driver to your boss. But first, Mac shares another enchanting way to make your email life easier: Xobni, which is in-box spelled backwards. The company that puts x-ray vision into your mail has just released one of its slickest products yet. The Gmail version of their software puts a simple sidebar within your account so you can track your relationship history with your contacts. Not only is this handy to remember how you met someone, but as the tool pulls info from a sender's various social media profiles it's also an easy way to personalize your in-box with a contact's photo, Facebook updates, and Twitter activity.  

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  • Chris Reich

    I was not enchanted by Enchantment at all.

    Have we become some so rude and self-centered that basic courtesy is enchanting?

    Didn't care for the book. I was ready to be enchanted and ended up bored to tears. I recommend Nancy Duarte's underrated book: Resonate. Far, far better.

    We are ready for a new generation of business thinkers. The old guard are running out of steam.

    Chris Reich

  • jill sukiyawa

    I met Guy once and pitched an investment to him. He was arrogant and rude, a "know it all". He should take his own advice he spits out in his books.

  • Jeff Ogden

    I know of Guy and I use Xobni. Very useful tool. Don't know how I found things in Outlook before I found that tool.

    Jeff Ogden
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