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Is There a Gaming App as Addictive as Angry Birds?

We all got "Angry Birds fever" when the app was first launched, spending any available moment to complete another level and beat the evil pigs. However, by now I'm sure most of us have completed the game and are in search for another highly addictive gaming app to obsess over and victoriously complete.

Well look no further because the Lady Geeks have a solution for you...

This week the Lady Geeks and their lovely assistant Keith Chegwin (yes, THAT Keith Chegwin) investigate the nightmarish world of Papa Sangre, the game you play through your ears (if that makes any sense), watch a grown woman challenge a pineapple in FruitNinja, which is this week's app of the week, and thrill at our amazing re-creation of Ovi's Doodle Jump.

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  • Matt Bancroft has launched a Fruit Ninja type game for the Blackberry and it's called the Ninja Fruit Bash. The Ninja Fruit Bash is not to be taken as a clone for Fruit Ninja because it's not. This game actually comes with a short storyline and excellent background graphics, something that was highly lacking in Fruit Ninja.

    Here is a link to the complete review: