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Companies Play The Giving Game

Since launching its buy-one-give-one model in 2006, Toms Shoes has donated more than 1 million pairs to kids in need. Today, the company asks us to bare our soles to raise awareness, but its influence has spread far beyond footwear. Here, a look at companies inspired to share the wealth by donating an item for each one sold.

Courtesy of SunNight Solar (flashlight), Warby Parker (glasses), Roma Boots, Out of Print (book), Toms (shoes), A. Hong/One World Futbol
Solar-powered BoGo Light, $59
100,000 donated to Africa and South America since 2006
T-shirt of a literary classic, $28
70,000 actual books shipped to Africa since January 2010
Eyeglasses, $95
20,000 specs distributed in 25 countries since february 2010

A version of this article appeared in the April 2011 issue of Fast Company magazine.