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Upgrade: The Classic Mackintosh Top Coat

Mackintosh fuses past and present with modern raincoats long on lineage.

Few raincoats are more reliable than a Mackintosh. Brand founder Charles Macintosh created the world's first waterproof fabric in 1823, when he bonded layers of cloth with a rubber solution. The method is still used today in a Scottish factory where Mackintosh craftspeople (who endure a three-year apprenticeship) construct each piece, sealing interior seams with glue applied by hand. In addition to supplying Louis Vuitton and Hermès, Mackintosh opened its first stand-alone store in London this January, showcasing its own designs, like the men's Clisham ($980). "Owning a Mackintosh is much like owning a Savile Row suit," says brand manager Gary Bott. "It's an investment piece for any wardrobe."

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