Google Announces New Service for Nonprofits

A new education and grant service from Google aims to help nonprofits.

Google has announced a new program for nonprofits, which they say will include a grant for adwords, exclusive tools, and collaboration forums. "Instead of applying to each Google product individually," nonprofits can apply for a suite of tools here, according to Google's blog post.

The user-friendly site,, looks like it aims to simplify and educate how nonprofits can use the wide array of google products for their organization (like this video below).

For now, it wasn't immediately obvious what new or "exclusive" tools will be offered to nonprofits, how google would determine the grant size for adwords, or who is (and is not) qualified. We've reached out to Google to and will upate this post as we here back.


*update: Google has responded to our inquires. We have pasted their response, with links, below:

"-a marketplace of Certified Google Partners (in Adwords, Apps, Analytics, Website Optimizer, Geo and more) that have offered to help nonprofits optimize Google tools at a special discounted rate or pro-bono

-up to $10,000 a month in advertising on Google AdWords to reach more donors

-free or discounted Google Apps to cut IT costs and operate more efficiently

-premium features for YouTube and

-Google’s mapping technologies to raise awareness of their cause

(a few of those products are of course available to other organizations, but at a cost; products for nonprofits are free or heavily discounted)"


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  • Darren Spidell

    Adwords may be available in Canada, but Google for Non Profits is not. I've pasted the Eligibility statement below:
    To be eligible for the Google for Nonprofits program, organizations must meet our
    legal and policy guidelines and be headquartered in the United States.

  • Yaz Maziar

    @Bruce That is not correct. Google's Grant program (Adwords), for example, has been available to non-profit organizations here in Canada since 2007. Moreover, the program has been continually refined to help charities better achieve their mission and fundraising objectives. The Youtube Channel for non-profits is also another example of an opportunity that is available outside of the USA.

  • Bruce Spedding

    Like so many of these types of offers and opportunities, this is limited to organisations registered in the USA. Given the global nature of the web and your presumed readership it would be nice to be informed up front if resources discussed in your articles (and advertising) are limited to the USA. Typically I have to drill down into the fine print of the T&Cs to find this out. A simple indication at the start of an article indicating that it is only of relevance or benefit to a select group would save time, effort and frustration.