The Fast Company Scorecard: iPad 2 [UPDATED]

We've covered the various iPad 2 rumors, leaks and predictions for months now, carefully gathering what seemed to be the best, most interesting and perhaps most convincing facts into one place for you. Now it's iPad 2 day, time for Apple's team (which may or may not include a "guest" appearance by Steve Jobs) to strut on stage and reveal all to the world.

So we've built a scorecard for you, summarizing before the event those rumors we think will turn up as fact. We'll update it later, checking off how accurate the predictions were.


Category Prediction     True/False?

Chassis: Thinner, lighter, smaller, aluminum body TRUE!
Shape: Flatter than the iPad 1 TRUE!
Colors: White and black glass front options, aluminum back TRUE!
Screen 9.7-inch IPS unit, thinner, same 1024 by 768 pixels TRUE!
Bezel Narrower all around, to combat the critics TRUE!
Chip: ARM Cortex A9, Dual Core 1.2 GHz Unclear, but 1GHz
Chip name: A5 TRUE!
Front camera: 2-megapixel "HD" webcam, Photo Booth, FaceTime False, it's VGA
Rear camera: 3-megapixel (possibly 3.2) for imaging. No flash Unclear. No flash
Video recording: 720p HD resolution on rear cam TRUE!
Speakers: Enlarged speaker port, lower corner of chassis TRUE!
Device storage: Boosted to 512MB, to match iPhone 4 Unknown
Internal storage: User storage space stays at 16GB, 32GB, 64GB TRUE!
SD card slot: Nope! TRUE!
30-pin iPod socket: Yes, as with every iDevice TRUE! No microUSB here
Thunderbolt: Yes: maximize the new protocol, connect to HDTVs False, but HDMI-out
iOS5 previewed: Yes, a small tease, due Summer False, just iOS4.3
Cloud MobileMe: Yes, a big reveal, also has Mac powers False, sadly
Arrival date: Within March TRUE!
Price: This is the biggie… at or below existing (starting at $499) TRUE!

Apple's notoriously tricky to predict at the best of times—with the recent MacBook Pro refresh, which didn't live up to most people's expectations, as a classic example. How well do you think we'll do?

Update: The answer to that question is pretty well! We're sad about the lack of Thunderbolt, and the missing MobileMe update is a shame, but everything else we mis-guessed is pretty understandable.

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  • Samuel Campbell II

    What about a USB port? Mini or Full size. No rumors about that to report?

  • davonbrown

    Is it possible Apple and a few other tech companies will never live up to expectations because people forgot the definition of a rumor? And in the case of Apple, the so called "inside sources" people get their information from don't exactly exist? Consider ALL of the rumors over the last few months have been a complete contradiction in a lot of cases with the MacBook Pro and likely with the iPad 2. Just throwing that out there.