iFive: Spotify Worth $1 Billion, Jobs Speaks on App Subscriptions, Huawei U.S. Deal Ends, Flash on Android Tabs, White iPhone 5

Innovation has a broad definition--and here's an odd example: A Facebook app lets you monitor when someone you have, ahem, "interest" in changes their relationship status from with a partner to without one. The Facebook Breakup Notifier is racking up "stalker app" headlines left, right and center. On with the news:

1. Though music streaming service Spotify hasn't cracked the U.S., its business model has worked well elsewhere...well enough that Spotify's been able to sell a 5% stake of its business to Silicon Valley venture firm Kleiner Perkins for $50 million. Russian firm Digital Sky Tech is investing another $50 million in cash, valuing the innovative music firm at $1 billion. Will U.S. record execs pay attention now?

2. Controversy erupted after Apple's apps subscriptions were announced, with Apple demanding 30% of subs arranged via iTunes. But there's significant confusion whether the rules apply to all content--including non-music data. Now Steve Jobs has chimed in with an email noting "we created subscriptions for publishing apps, not SaaS [Software as a Service] apps." Expect much debate about this in the news.

3. We've noted before seeming double standards in the U.S. concerning Chinese high-tech firms like Huawei, and it appears the first battle for now has ended: Huawei is dropping its attempts to win official approval for its purchase of 3Leaf systems. Official opposition centered on a white-wash National Security issues, concerning 3Leaf's tech. Huawei says it's backing down because of the controversy.

4. Reacting to big headline-grabbing news that Android tablets like Motorola's Xoom would ship without Adobe Flash capability (similar to the iPad controversy), Adobe's just released a press release: It "will offer Flash Player 10.2 pre-installed on some tablets and as an OTA download on others within a few weeks of Android 3...becoming available"--including the Xoom.

5. We're on the verge of finally seeing white iPhone 4s (those highly coveted devices) on sale, now that Apple's team has fixed the high-tech manufacturing flaws with its paint. Now there's a rumor Wintek is tipped to be the only touch-panel provider for the white iPhone 5--due in just a few months.

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