The Next Unreasonable Advantage in Business?

[info][url=]Scooter Braun Projects[/url][/info] The credit — or blame — for plucking Justin Bieber from YouTube obscurity belongs to Scooter Braun, the latest in a long and not-always storied line of grown-ups turning young artists into pop superstars (paging Joe Jackson and Lou Pearlman). Braun was only 20 when he started promoting parties that attracted hip-hop's biggest names. Now, he scours video sites to find unknown talent for whom he builds an online fan base. So far, so great: Bieber has 8.8 million Twitter followers, and his "Baby" video is You- Tube's most-watched clip.[h2]Process[/h2][quote][/quote][h2]Inspiration[/h2][quote][/quote]

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  • Marc Stoiber

    Thanks Donna. I have to reinforce what you said. This is a pretty incredible program. It would make an awesome reality TV show ;-)

    I also love that it brings folks from around the world together, creating hybrid thinking that otherwise wouldn't be possible for startups.

    Spread the news. Let's get these folks some attention.


  • Daniel Epstein

    Hey Marc... I just wanted to personally thank you again for the incredible article. It really is an Unreasonable piece and it's humbling to have you cover the partnership with HP. I also wanted to let you know that we already did create a 10 part online series that documented life at the Unreasonable Institute this past year. Just go to to see the episodes for yourself. Last year, through a partnership with the UN we had an estimated 200,000 watch the series, our goal this year is a bit more audacious with the hopes of reaching 10,000,000 viewers across the globe! Should be a hell of a lot of fun...

  • Donna Morton

    I am one of the "unreasonable" finalists. This is a hot process: they push you to be more, better, faster, wider, scale ready and yes even more unreasonable. We have mobilized hundreds of supporters out of the blue and learned that our message and materials have reach (Paul Hawken, David Bornstein, Chair of a 14 billion credit union Vancity, single moms and artists have all pitched in). If we succeed at scale, we can abate climate change, create jobs and ways out of pover ty for maybe a million people over time. It is time to allign the market with the deep green innovators.

    Donna Morton, First Power