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FedEx vs UPS: By the Numbers

Until someone comes up with a way to email packages or Tweet deliveries, we're going to rely on FedEx, UPS, and USPS to send anything that can't be translated into ones and zeros. How do the two private shipping companies stack up against each other?

 Does Brown do it for you? Is FedEx shipping things to your world on time? Like Coke vs. Pepsi and iPhone vs. Android, when there are two major brands dominating a particular market, it normally comes down to personal preference.

This infographic by our friends at PackageFox breaks down the numbers for us. Not surprisingly, they're very similar, but there is data in there that may help you make a decision on who to use next time it's time to ship a sweater to Aunt Tilly.

 Fedex vs UPS

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  • What people don't understand is UPs is a Giant of a company. If they truly want to and the market / goverment would allow, they could take there old money and buy up Europe and everything else. But TNT was playing games because they were hurting for money in Europa and so is there country and they got a got a pay day for breaking negotation . We showed the world in xmas 2014 what ever it took, we were going to be Santa and prove to the world we can not be stop. Even i first qtrs number didn't show it, 2014 was to make customer happy and fulfill needs of the world. You have to understand the people who run UPs in the cooperate office understand money and we hv no problem/credit. there is old money backing us and they have to make stratagic decision. All I ask for as a UPs union member who loves and cherish many company, i love to be like Kentucky in the final four, but impose are will on these other shipper and show them we can be touch. 19 yrs i got 20 more, but i know we can do it

  • Derek Land

    I've never had a problem with Fedex, their online reporting is much better, and they tend to be cheaper for me.

    UPS has hit my family with hidden charges, surly customer service, late shipments, and the little things like bad tracking and damaged packages. In my experience I wonder how they've managed to do so well, doing so little so poorly.

  • Sheila

    Personally I've had many packages "delivered" by FedEx,gate wide open as well as home door. Instead of leaving the package they left a note saying I was not home, I had to drive over numerous times to pick up my box even though I was home. UPS tends to get my packages to me on time and their customer service is fantastic. UPS all the way (but sometimes delivery is out of my control).

  • Sgriffa282

    I have to say that UPS vs. FedEx... Well, UPS has the tendency to treat their packages like absolute crap while I have had zero problem with FedEx in that regard.

  • william goodhue

    ups works  just like fedex if you ship it on thursday and theirs and exception on friday most of the time driver get notice of change and its handle.On fridays loads are process and go out on sunday to meet processing needs and to be delivered on monday.The biggest problem both company have is human error this means customer who type in wrong adress or zip codes,then their the ones who dont have their address posted on their box or houses .With most people doing away with home phone their no way to contact customers so of course their the post office which these company must use to get in touch with custmer. People need to put their phone number on  pkgs most dont. Ups does work on saturday to delivered sat air. As for fedex delivering ground on saturday ,these are actually subcontractors. Both company run small groups of drivers on saturday.So in a nut shell ups is just as good if not better as fedex after all they done this over a hundred years

  • Jeff Linder

    UPS does not operate between 6pm Friday and 8:30am Monday. This
    can sometimes mean delays of up to four days. The more flexible Fedex, with
    weekend service, can often mean package deliveries -- and pickups at their
    distribution centers -- are possible when UPS is closed. If you're shipping on
    a Thursday for delivery on Friday, for example, any kind of
    "exception" can mean delivery will be corrected on Monday and will
    not take place until Tuesday. That's four days. Again, the more flexible Fedex will
    accommodate businesses and residences with delivery and/or pickup service on
    Saturday. That's good follow through on their marketing position, "The World
    On Time." The answer to the question, "What Can Brown Do For
    You?" is, "Make Saturday service available." Until then, Fedex
    is the way to go.

  • Oscarmunozjr

    Incorrect information buddy but nice try. UPS does Operate until Sunday! There Saturday drivers are actual UPS Drivers unlike Fed-Ex that only operates contractors for help.

  • Weo23

     Incorrect information dude but nice try.  FedEx express deliverers and picks up packages on Saturday and they are actual FedEx drivers. 

  • Gee Gadwah

    Your full of sh*%, FedEx ground drivers are independent contractors you moron!

  • Jondeik

    FedEx Express, the original air (overnight) company, also operates on Saturdays, using their regular couriers (drivers). I used to work Tuesday-Saturday for FedEx Express. I now work for UPS as a driver, and am about to begin Saturday Airs in addition to my Monday-Friday route at UPS.

    FedEx GROUND might work differently. I wouldn't know.. they're a separate company from FedEx Express, the original FedEx overnight people.

  • Jondeik

    The big difference between FedEx and UPS is the company structure for services. UPS delivers grounds and airs using the same drivers on the same routes. Since I now work for UPS, I know this. I usually deliver 10-10 overnight packages first.. then after breathing my sigh of relief close to 10:30am that I made it without having lates.. I begin my ground deliveries and pickups for the day. --- When I worked for FedEx, we had no ground packages.. though we still had to deliver 10:30am (called P1's in FedEx lingo, for Priority 1) packages, then deliver other commit time overnights, 2-days, and 3-day services (among many other service types). -- FedEx's ground division is an entirely different group of trucks, a different company, literally. FedEx ground drivers are private contractors who own their own vehicles and route, buy all their supplies, and keep all the profit at whatever margin their contract states. FedEx Express is just regular, non-union employees. (Now I work for UPS, which is Teamsters.. and paid better mind you)