What do rich folk do when playing the stock market has lost its luster? Buy vintage cars, of course! Collectibles like old-school Ferraris, Maseratis, Mercedes-Benzes, and Rolls-Royces have never been more popular, but the inventory of vintage autos is fixed at roughly 6 million, so high-end collecting has also never been pricier. This past May, a 1936 Bugatti Type 57SC Atlantic sold for more than $30 million to an anonymous buyer — the highest price ever paid for a car, by about $2 million. That sale should be a hot topic at this five-day Parisian expo. Last year, an all-but-destroyed 1925 Bugatti Brescia Type 22 Roadster, submerged off Switzerland in Lake Maggiore since 1936, sold for around $370,000. — SARAH UNKE



wed, february 02

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