Radical Idea #10

"I would use the $100 million to improve coordination among different education services. The majority of schools do not have direct access to all of the kinds of support their students need -- whether it's social, like mentoring, or a health check for asthma or vision -- all of the things we know affect a student's academic performance. Those resources are not always talking to each other. I would pull together a panel with representatives from each of those agencies and task them with developing a structure to channel their resources. For example, now kids who get in trouble get a probationary officer who ends up being a mentor for that child. But if we just match a student to a mentor the minute he starts to fall behind -- before he gets in trouble -- it'd be a lot less expensive. Today we're spending more on the students who have already fallen off the track than we do on keeping students on track."

-- John Jackson, CEO of the Schott Foundation for Public Education

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