Radical Idea #4

"What's missing is more time for parents and teachers to meet. Everyone talks about how important that relationship is, but these 10-minute conferences are of no value and we handicap teachers by having them do this type of work on their own hours. Give parents time off for parent-teacher conferences, just as we do for jury duty — it could be an employment policy. And have the student there; it makes the whole meeting more powerful."

Deborah Meier, senior scholar at New York University and human development leader of the Coalition of Essential Schools

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  • Terrence N. Bailey, PE

    Im sorry, this seems ludicrous. Parents are given vacation and sick leave at almost any employer, if they truly want to go to the school and see the teacher, then they can use this time for that as that is why companies give this time.

    Another problem that this would create is what do you do for the many employees that do not have kids? Is it fair that people without kids have to work harder than those with children.