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What's the Best Blog Platform?

Best Blogging Platform"What's the best platform for blogging?" is a question I hear from time to time. Judging by the search volume surrounding "best blogging platform" and related searches like "wordpress vs. joomla" and "wordpress vs. typepad" it's a question that a lot of business bloggers struggle with.

On one hand, the best blog platform for you is the one you feel most comfortable using. That being said, our own web marketing blog and the blogs we build for our clients are all on WordPress. In fact, we're so enamored of WordPress we've even installed it as the blog of choice on Joomla web sites that we've built.

Here's why we choose WordPress time and again:

  • Ease of setup: In fact, with so many hosting companies offering WordPress specific accounts, chances are it's already set up on a hosting company near you.
  • Ease of use: Whenever we're talking about blogging, or using WordPress as a CMS, I tell people, "if you know how to use Word then you have 95% of the skills you need, and we'll train you in the last 5%.
  • Wealth of plugins: Chances are if you want WordPress to do something, someone else wanted it, too, and built a plugin for it. From SEO to e-commerce to member-driven forums, there's a plugin for that.

This isn't to say that you can't succeed without WordPress. There are certainly successful blogs being run on other platforms out there. But as we continue to look at other blog platforms, we keep on coming back to WordPress.

Whatever blogging platform you choose, make sure it has these required features:

  • Your domain name: If you're blogging for business, it's a deal breaker to have the URL be something like, or even You need to run the blog under your own domain name, whether it's a standalone URL like, or part of your regular site like or This is especially important for SEO and if you ever decide to move to a different blogging platform.
  • Your branding: Nothing says fly-by-night like a design that looks like Yet Another WordPress Blog. Have your web designer/developer create a custom template for your blog so that it complements the rest of your corporate branding.
  • Plugins & support: Over time you'll want to be able to add new features, like a search, email signup, e-commerce, calendar, etc. If your blog is on a popular platform, chances are there will be support for plugins that will allow your blog to scale with your business.

There are certainly other important features, such as support for RSS, RSS > email, categories, archives, search, and more, but at this point in the history of blogging, we hope that any new blogging platforms would come with these features.

Are you using WordPress, or is there a different blogging platform that you prefer? If so, what is it and why did you choose it? Feel free to include a URL so we can check it out.

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Rich Brooks is a business blogger and part of the upcoming Blogging Success Summit where he will be presenting on How to Increase Your Search Engine Visibility Through Blogging. You can also stalk Rich Brooks on Twitter, although he prefers engagement.

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  • 2ros

    We have chosen to use
    wordpress because according to our seo specialist, wordpress is already a
    leader when it comes to blogging, plus many are already using it compared to
    other platforms. You can check out our blog site at http://royaltyfreeimagesearch....
    We are open for comments and suggestion. Thanks 

  • Brish feehily

    From me blogger is a popular and free blogging service owned by Google.
    Blogger's big draw is ease of use and nearly instant setup. You can go
    from blog-less to publishing your first post in under 15 minutes .

  • Amy Eden

    I chose TypePad back in 2005 when I started my blog simply because it came up in my Yahoo! search and appeared reputable. I wasn't aware of WordPress at that time, and TypePad's $9.95 price per month is fantastic. Why am I still with them? I've stayed with TypePad because it's perfectly fine -- that is, no other platform offers significantly better features to outweigh the perceived effort of moving.
    (Hmm. One wonders, then, why did I just run a Google search on 'best blogging platform"?!)
    It IS great advice to have your own URL -- that gives any blog an immediate leg up.
    My blog is a self-improvement blog called Guess What Normal Is http://www.guesswhatnormalis.c...

  • John Rougeux

    I'd like to switch over to WordPress from Tumblr. Is there an easy way to transfer the posts from my Tumblr page over to WordPress?

  • Mike Kristiansen

    We are open to adopting Wordpress, and the advice to highly customize a template is very good. What I'd like to know is why use a wordpress blog on a joomla platform, that doesn't make sense when the CMS joomla platform seems better suited for CMS and does a very credible job as a blog. Would like to know what reasons, not preferences, that makes Wordpress a strong CMS and blog platform for you.