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Just What Does Your State Do Best?

Which state has the highest per capita marijuana use? Who has the most horses? Deer-collisions? What about suicides? Rice production?

There will be some stats on this graphic by our friends at 1bog that will not surprise you, such as the state with the largest economy or the most wind farms, but some of the stats will likely blow your mind.

States Infographic

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Infographic by Home Solar Power Discounts

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  • Guest

    Erin, I feel ya. For not just kind of, but all the way depressing, how about AK?   Alaska has the highest point in North America, is one of the only states in the Union with exports enough to be operating in the black, furthest north, most Eskimos (jk), most land mass, most land per capita, you can see Russia......    but suicides. Nice. 

  • Dr. Paula

    Lol for Illinois. How can "having the highest gang membership" be a "good energy policy?" (hence the smiley face)

  • Katrina

    I couldn't help but laugh at the entry for California.  The largest economy in the US, the 8th largest in the world!?  Good grief!!  And I guess with all that pot smoking no wonder it has the most UFO sightings!  LOL

  • LakeNeuron

    I have a feeling the Tennessee entry is wrong. Shelby County is equivalent to Memphis and its suburbs, and I doubt it has a very high horse-to-human ratio. Shelbyville, where I live, is in Bedford County. It's the home of the Tennessee Walking Horse National Celebration and I imagine has a quite high horse-to-human ratio.

  • Jeremy

    The often aired complaint about Fast Company being an overly "green-focused" magazine gains a bit of credit here. Branding an article at what a "state does best" and then having that metric being measured by whether it's energy good or energy bad is misleading - and irrelevant. Case in point: Pennsylvania (highest rate of deer being struck by cars). Pointless. I enjoy most of Fast Company's articles and links, but this is not one of them.

  • Aforgery

    This would make a better tshirt than an infographic. I wanna see some DATA man STATS.