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Infographic: Apple's App Store Visualized

Apple's App Store is a behemoth. Launched several years ago, the iTunes marketplace has ballooned into a billion dollar economy, with 7 billion downloads and more than 300,000 apps. (It's been so lucrative that Apple is planning to open a Mac app store in January.)

What does the store look like visualized? The folks at App of the Day spent the last few weeks charting the store, and have created a helpful infographic to show everything from average ratings and prices to category breakdowns. For example, more than a third of all iTunes' apps are free. Books are one of the most downloaded segments, even though 79% are paid apps with a $5 average. The most expensive category? Medical apps, which are some of the least popular in the store.

Check out other interesting finds below:

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  • George Bush

    $2.43 average per app. 300,000 apps. If someone can hack apple's appstore he can download for $729,000 worth of apps :p
    Assuming the hack cost about a week fulltime and the hourly wage is 75$ (quite cheap for someone good enough to hack the store), it'd be $3000. So if he, or she, sold all apps for 2 cents he'd still make double his hourly wage.
    How much do you think it'd take to bribe a lawyer? :)