Wake Up and Smell the Tea

TeaIf today you're not talking to a Chinese consumer seriously; with a dedicated channel push you are simply missing out on the biggest market opportunity since the gold rush. Yes that's true and it's time to really pay attention.

Chinese represent almost a third of the worlds population, they speak a language more than anyone else and there coming to a city near you, with migration exploding in the past 5 years. Embrace it and they will also embrace you.

Tom Peters keeps it very simple "your board should reflect the market you're serving." Would it be so crazy to have Chinese board members acting in the best interest of your company? Chinese like to deal with other Chinese; it's only natural—so make it easy for them. How much of your company is made of Chinese ancestry?

Arguably the biggest trend we can expect to see in 2011 will be international brands customizing products, marketing and communication to a global Chinese consumer (See trendwatching for further evidence). It's not a made in China strategy. It's a 'made for Chinese' strategy that will emerge as a profit centre for the next 10 years.

Companies tapping into this phenomenon include American Airlines, Zara, H&M, and many more. Retail it seems is the most unique and profitable sector; having seen continued double digit growth across key provinces in China—not to mention the online phenomena Taobao (ebay of china). Online represents by far the easiest pathway to retail success, with most Chinese more than willing to spend online—the cost of freight makes the proposition far more attractive than in the west.

How many of your customers are Chinese? How much of your marketing is tailored to a Chinese consumer? How many Chinese reside in your home country? These are just a few questions that drive alarming results—when the world has experienced economic turmoil of gigantic proportions now's a better time than ever to recognize key growth markets and cater communication for them.

More rants can be found at Mailman — a communication agency tailored towards a global Chinese consumer.

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  • Simeon Duke

    Well in my humble opinion, ultimately, "Easy reading is hard writing." Andrew's rant here has done just that. You could take Anthony Bourdain's writings as an example. For me, It is not to just understand the context or the point, but also to understand what his feelings and reasons are for the words he chooses. Ultimately, a great read for me.

    Thank you.

  • aquatiger

    You switched it to "there", which makes you 0 for 2.

    Their is possessive pronoun. It basically mean some people own it. Is that his dog? No, that is their dog.

    There is an adverb and basically means "that location" most of the time. Is it here? No, it's over there.

    They're is a contraction of "they are". That is what you are looking for.

    I don't pretend to be an English scholar either, and I make mistakes all the time. But this is 3rd grade stuff here. It's like misusing you're and your, or then and than. It shows a basic and fundamental misunderstanding of the English language. If someone isn't going to sweat the really simple stuff, how can we assume that they have a grasp of the tough stuff? If someone made a presentation to me in a boardroom with slides that had very basic grammar errors on them, I would just stop listening. It's like starting your presentation off with a fart. Game over. And that would be a big shame for someone who is trying to present good stuff. Maybe this is just the way things are now, and I am old school. But I'm only 36.

    Don't they have editors or proofreaders for Fastcompany, or is it basically just a blog site?

  • Andrew Collins

    Thanks Aqua - I don't pretend to be a English Scholar. But a passioned business enthusiast.

    Needless to say you're right, i do need to improve.


  • aquatiger

    "...and their coming to a city near you; with migration exploding in the past 5 years"

    Dear Andrew Collins,

    Please look up how to use a ";" and the definition of the word "their". Then re-read every single one of your posts.

    You might as well end your post with LOL OMG!!@!@!! It kind of takes the sting out of what you are saying when you litter your posts with inappropriate semicolons. You do it constantly. The comma is just a few keys away, use that instead.