ROI: Does Social Media Really Have a Return on Investment at the Enterprise Level?

With so many companies, consultants, and gurus preaching the benefits of social media marketing, perhaps the biggest objection surrounds return on investment (ROI). If they spend the money, what do they get in return?

Is social media really worth it for large businesses? Sure, a local restaurant can get quick returns and track them through referrals and specials. A local retail store can build a strong community amongst their most loyal customers.

What about corporations? Can enterprise level businesses really see a strong ROI, as the investment at the enterprise level is often much higher. What do they get for their dollars spent?

This infographic from our friends at SocialCast takes a look at not only what is working but why it's working. Looking at the three major benefits, one can make an educated decision about whether or not it's right for their corporation.

Enterprise Social Media ROI

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  • Michael Girard

    This is an impressive infographic. It makes sense that companies who integrated enterprise social media solutions would see more engaged and active employees. Certainly in the environment I work in the use of enterprise social media helps with collaboration and the exchange of ideas almost instantly. If I need to look outside my team I can do that as well and have almost instant access to any of the various departments within our organization to leverage their expert advice.

    Michael Girard
    Community Engagement, Radian6