Photograph by Cody Pickens

Zimride: Carpooling for College Students

Cofounder and CEO, Zimride
San Francisco

Green, 27, created Zimride, a ride-sharing social network for college campuses.

"College students are always looking for rides, and while other people have attempted to create ride-sharing sites online, they haven't developed an identity. You see these anonymous listings and have no idea who you might be getting in a car with. With Zimride, people can create a profile or connect via Facebook, talk about music and smoking preferences, and where they want to stop to get coffee in the morning. We launched in 2007 at Cornell University, and within six months had signed up 20% of the campus. We now work with 60 universities to create these private communities, which are free for students to join. In early 2011, we're rolling out real-time and mobile features so you can connect with people on the fly. You can't just go out on the street corner and holler for a ride."

Photograph by Cody Pickens

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  • Matt Writer

    Carpooling is also great because it reduces gas emissions that are released into the atmosphere. It’s a great way to lower your carbon footprint almost effortlessly. It’s also cost effective. You can save your gas if you choose to switch off carpooling duties and end up using less gas money; or your carpooling friends can pitch in for gas which still helps you save. My friends liked to carpool to class, but it was also convenient if we wanted to travel somewhere that was somewhat a bit of a drive. Read more here: http://www.ohlone.edu/core/mapsdirs/parking/carpool.html
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