What's Next for Advertising? Help Us Find Out

We want to create a discussion about the future of Madison Avenue. Follow these directions to contribute, by asking anyone who tweets for his or her vision of the new ad industry. (The concept was created for Fast Company by Big Spaceship and Co.) Follow the discussion on FastCompany.com, where you can also check out our podcast featuring industry insiders assessing their future, and images of the changing business created by the likes of BBDO, the Factory, and Victors & Spoils. Here is how you can help drive the conversation:

1. If you don't have it, download the Microsoft tag reader to your cell phone: http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/tag-reader/id298856272?mt=8.

2. Scan the code.

3. Instantly, a queued-up tweet asking about the picture of advertising will appear. Just enter in the name of the person you want to ask and hit send.

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  • steven

    I agree that advertising agencies will have to reinvent themselves.
    Let's go back to the stone age. Communications were about ideas-ideas
    go passed along and built upon. Crowd sourcing. What is an idea?
    The article was great as far as it goes. The reinvention of advertising
    agencies is a given. Creative Destruction. Agencies are only
    conduits no matter the form. Ideas are the real thing.