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CES Best of Innovation Award Winners: My Headphones Can Beat Up Your Headphones

Aluminum, titanium and carbon fiber make these headphones tough enough to survive any stupid scuffle you care to incite.

Every once in a while, someone reconsiders an overlooked product—a can opener, a shovel—and uses clever industrial design to make it drastically better. This isn't the case with the SA7 Wireless Hybrid Earphones. 

It's true that they're built of "military grade" raw materials. It's true that they don't have wires. And it's true that you can tune them for better audio performance. But it's also true that you will eventually leave them in your pants pocket and put them through the wash. Until that rueful day, however, you will be the baddest iPhoner on the block.

CES Best of Innovations Award Winner. Available sometime next year. Price: $400 USD. 

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