Change Generation: How Marie Forleo Is Giving Women Rich, Happy, and Hot Lives

In the latest installment of our video series on risk-taking, do-gooding young entrepreneurs, learn how Marie Forleo's different jobs, from the NYSE, to magazine advertising, to Nike trainer, prepared her to help women entrepreneurs start their businesses and live their lives.

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About Marie Forleo: Marie Forleo has helped thousands of women entrepreneurs accelerate their businesses, transform their lives and live Rich, Happy & Hot. She recently had the honor of being the first woman interviewed by the world-renowned Anthony Robbins for his DVD training program, The New Money Masters. As a best-selling author, speaker, online-entrepreneur, Nike Athlete and Master Trainer, fitness personality, and dancer/choreographer, Marie has defied conventional wisdom and achieved phenomenal success across multiple industries.

About Rich, Happy, and Hot: The Rich, Happy & Hot™ brand is dedicated to empowering women with tools to create financial, spiritual and emotional wealth through entrepreneurship. With her Change Your Life, Change the World ® model, an investment in the RHH Virtual Mastery coaching program triggers an investment in social change. A portion of the program profit goes to women and girl-focused philanthropy and mircoloans. Through dynamic coaching programs, elite adventure mastermind, home study programs, live events and blog, Marie educates and inspires with a rare mix of humor, wisdom, and razor-sharp insight.

Change Generation

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  • Lynn

    Awesome interview-very inspiring!  I will share this with my other entrepreneur friends who will love it as much as I did!  TWEETING it now!  Thank you Marie for doing what you do for women entrepreneurs!  We are coming up FAST and furious.  :D

  • Jennifer

    NorthShoreBob - Whether you like it or not, Marie has a following in the thousands of females inspired to feel powerful enough to leave jobs they don't want, and feel personally empowered (over jerks like you, for one) to direct their lives proactively. I believe her "haphazard job selection and job jumping," which is purely your hypothesis, actually proves her courage to leave jobs she knew were not right for her rather than staying with them for all the wrong reasons, and I think it's commendable and inspiring. Also about Hot being a part of Rich, Happy and Hot, and your numerous remarks on her (great!) looks: females in the workplace in today's culture have the dual responsibilities to be both competent in our positions as well as carry the burden of managing our looks (comments like your male-centric one above my post completely confirming my point). I find your comments offensive and don't know why you feel so heated to provide such a novel of response to this interview. I commend Marie for inspiring me personally and other female entrepreneurs, and I hope there are more people out there like her than like you.

  • NorthShoreBob

    Wait a minute and get beyond her looks. Done? Now, is it me or does a red flag immediately go up when you hear about her haphazard job selection and job jumping? I'm a male and I've seen many beautiful women placed in positions that they are not qualified for only to get weeded out when they hit their highest level of incompetency. Sadly, it happens all the time and their response is always the same "it wasn't the job I was designed for" or "I didn't want to end up like my manager". Who hasn't heard that before? The randomness of her jobs; NYSE to Nike dance teacher screams "style over substance" or "fashion over function". What really solidified my thoughts was the title of her book "Make Every Man Want You". How does that have ANYTHING to do with empowering women? Is her message to women that the only way you can feel "empowered" as a women is if men want and desire you or incapable of making it in the world without a man? Further, you have to question why the word "Hot" is in Rich, Happy and Hot. Is her message that you're only happy if your rich and/or hot? I can't believe Fast Company didn't vet her messages more deeply. There's hundreds of more qualified ladies out there that are more credible and compelling. I'm all for females succeeding in the work place - trust me on this. Nothing she says in the video leads me to see her as some deep, awe-inspiring career-strategist or career coach - "do want you're interested in"? Really? Also, if you're going to drop Tony Robbin's name, then don't include "they didn't have a female (and needed one) so they asked me". I appreciate the honesty but it's not very inspiring. Luckily for Marie, she easy on the eyes and will marry rich and won't need to fall back on her string of failed employment. Come on Fast Company, I think you stretched and moved a little to fast on this one.

  • Frank Barcenas

    She's absolutely gorgeous. Like the Kim Kardashian of the business world. The brains don't hurt either.

  • Jeff Martin


    Thank you for believing in change and empowering others to make a difference. Great story!

    Change the World,

    Jeff Martin
    CEO and Change Agent
    Collective Genius

    By surrounding leaders with the right people, together we will change the world.

  • Kat Gordon

    Great quote at the beginning: "There are no rules." So true. In the book The Art of Possibility, the author reminds readers that "everything is invented." The traditional path to get somewhere was just invented by someone else. We can reinvent those rules and make our own. Great interview, Marie. Tweeting it now.