K2's Unbreakable Bamboo Snowboard

Now if only they made bones.


K2's new FastPlant board takes a page from the skateboarding world with a new "eco-friendly" bamboo construction. Called "Bambooyah," the core of the board is made of layered ply laminate, which is then wrapped in fiberglass and sealed off with a five-year warranty against breakage. The graphics are also skate-inspired; they were designed by former pro skater Don Pendleton. 

Available now at K2snowboarding.com. Price: $500.



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  • SorryDude

    "unbreakable" but it has a 5 year warranty against "breakage". Also bamboo is not a new core material for snowboards. I've seen them around for at least a few years and they probably have been around before that too.