Built Strong: Measuring Livestrong's Revenue, Spending, Followers, and Reach

Livestrong is best known for its yellow wristbands — 70 million have been sold since 2004 — but there are other measures of Livestrong's power.

Revenue in 2009 Spending in 2009 Twitter Followers Reach
$27.6 million
From individuals
$30 million
(81% of expenditures)

On programs, including:
2.6 million
Lance Armstrong
Visitors to online-support resources in 2009
Calls or emails to SurvivorCare help line in 2009
$15.2 million
From cause marketing and licensing
$11 million
Education and policy
CEO Doug Ulman
Guidebooks and cancer planners given out in 2009
Survivors programs at cancer hospitals
$7.6 million
From merchandise sales and other sources
$10 million
Advocacy and government relations
YMCAs offering Livestrong workouts for cancer survivors
more than 1,800
Local events organized by volunteers in 2009
  $8.8 million
Groups in Livestrong's Young Adult Alliance


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  • Victor Vurpillat

    Fast Company November 2010 Lance Armstrong

    I really enjoyed the article on Lance Armstrong and his foundations activities to help those with cancer. There has been no one in cycling who has been tested more for performance enhancing drugs than Lance Armstrong. It doesn't surprise me that the Feds have asked others to lie about what they know regarding his use of PED. I have met several people whee the U.S. prosecutors have either asked witness to either not testify about facts they know or agree to testify about facts they are net certain. Needless to say it is common knowledge that some prosecutors are only concerned about doling out as much time to a defendant as possible to advance their position in the court system. It would be more important if the U.S. government curtailed the actions of some of these rogue prosecutors and focused on going after the real bad guys instead of trying to bring down our national icons. Victor Vurpillat III