Most Wanted Bosses: Mark Zuckerberg Ranks Low, Oprah High

Stand up from your desk. Now look toward your boss' office. How much would your life improve without that old and stodgy scrooge, that undeserving head honcho ordering weekend work days and extra TPS reports? But if you had the chance to pick your own boss, who would you choose?

That's the question posed by HR solutions company Adecco, which polled 1,000 employed adults to find out which famous leaders would make for ideal bosses. The list included thirteen famous heads, ranging from presidents (Bush, Obama) to CEOs (Tony Hayward, Jack Welch) to celebs (Simon Cowell, Martha Stewart). Respondents were allowed to choose three. Here are the results.

Interestingly, Mark Zuckerberg, head of the world's most popular social network, came in as one of the most unwanted bosses. Just 9% of those surveyed picked the Facebook chief. But we shouldn't blame The Social Network film's bad press on his lack of popularity. Indeed, the research was conducted in September, weeks before the movie was released. CEOs in general were not a top selection for respondents, regardless of their performance. Successful GE chief Jack Welch scored only 12%, a percentage not even much higher than disgraced former BP head Tony Hayward.

Rather it seems poll participants were more interested in working for a boss who they are familiar with. For example, the fun tasks and assignments of The Apprentice may have conditioned people to vote for billionaire businessman Donald Trump, who received 28% of the votes, whereas respondents were far less interested in getting berated by Simon Cowell (8%), the notoriously harsh American Idol judge, or working under the forever-grumpy Joe Torre. Additionally, higher profile leaders tended to be more attractive to respondents. Oprah topped the charts at 37%, and President Obama was not far behind with 35%.

Still, around 15% of those polled either selected 'None of the Above' or provided a write-in candidate, which doesn't bode well for the luminaries on this list. Who would you want as your boss? Sarah Palin or Mark Zuckerberg? Arnold Schwarzenegger or Martha Stewart? Who else would make an ideal boss?

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  • Femi Showunmi

    To me Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook is top on the list and my reason is simple.NONE of those listed can make the list at his age.

  • Femi Showunmi

    The fact that you qualify to be listed/nominate is enough recognition by the people that you exist.Position comes next.

  • will jones jr

    from old times id choose humble late sam walton malcom forbes sr then todays times bill gates warren buffett and trump

  • Genevieve-Gen

    The essence of a great Boss is: one that can be a good decision maker, one that is a risk taker, and one that can listen t all sides before making a decision."two heads are better than one head"
    Now who fits the Boss shoes..No Doubt.."Donald Trump" His action speaks louder than his words..

  • Nate O'Shaughnessey

    guessing Zuckerberg didn't get many votes, somewhat because of his age.
    people hate working for someone younger than them. Not blaming people, I think it's natural; but i think that does have something to do with it.
    Not the only reason, but it certainly is a determining factor.

  • r j cole

    It depends what you actualy want from your boss:
    empathy ?
    vision ?
    halo effect ?
    Tony Haywood was quite possibly a great guy to work for but because he didn't deal well with the worst crisis of his (and almost any else's) career we judge him on that. I guess he fails for halo-effect chasers but maybe not for work-life balance seekers.

  • Nate O'Shaughnessey

    good point.
    somebody not handling a crisis well doesn't make them a terrible boss to work for.