Sony Drops Out of Climate Change Campaign After Exploding Kids Ad

exploding kids ad

A PSA about climate change featuring exploding children and airborne body parts isn't something that corporations want to be associated with, apparently. The ad, narrated by former X-Files star Gillian Anderson (and displayed below), is part of the 10:10 global campaign to cut carbon emissions by 10% each year. The violent nature of the video so incensed Sony U.K. that the company dropped all support for the campaign.

Sony isn't the only company to condemn the ad. Kyocera called the gory video "a grave error" of judgment, though it hasn't gone so far as to disassociate itself completely from the campaign.

Sony expressed its disapproval in a statement, explaining that it "condemned the release by 10:10, the climate change campaign group, of a video entitled ’No Pressure’ that Sony considers to be ill-conceived and tasteless...[This] video risks undermining the work of the many thousands of members of the public, schools and universities, local authorities and many businesses, of which Sony is one, who support the long-term aims of the 10:10 movement and are actively working towards the reduction of carbon emissions."

Harsh words for a campaign that has been planned for the past year—and which culminates in four days on October 10th, a global "Day of Doing" for the planet. The 10:10 campaign has, of course, realized that the video is a mistake. Eugenie Harvey, the director of 10:10 U.K. issued a statement apologizing for the ad, which is no longer available on the 10:10 website.

But it's too late. The video has already been unleashed into the digital wild, where climate change skeptics and 10:10 campaign supporters alike can be found seething in disapproval. Let this be a lesson for future climate change campaigns: don't get too radical, or you'll lose all support from mainstream corporations and supporters.

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  • What do expect from people who teach that people are the same as animals. The question is, how do we end Enviro-Fascism before we have another Holocaust on our hands?

  • Disgruntled Individual

    Jesus Christ you all need to loosen up... This advertisement obviously isn't aimed the dull pencil pushers you blatantly represent. So what if a campaign 'radically' avoids the overused guilt trip inducing collection of pictures and facts combined with a sullen emotional musical number probably written by R.E.M. How your sensibilities haven't learned tolerance yet is anyone's guess, I'm assuming you find very few reasons to leave your home which you probably work from too.

    (I acknowledge that I'm replying to a 2 year old post, I just felt the need to rage after seeing it)

  • Zaphod Zaphod

    Well, I have to say that I commend this move by Sony. A more moral approach is PRECISELY what we need from this company - a leader in electronics sales worldwide! I can't wait to see the new ground they'll break with their new direction. I only regret the fact that...well, you see, I have a PS3. And given that Sony now sees fit to follow this new stance of removing itself from media that are deemed too bloody and gory, well at the very least, the next installment of Grand Theft Auto will surely be X-Box exclusive, right? Modern Warfare, too? Boy, I have to hand it to Sony for really sucking up that lost revenue to make a bold statement like this, though!

  • Colonel Nicolai

    Ah, hang on a second folks! While I think the ads are somewhat inarticulate, I think people need to remember the difference between an image of something and that something. Nobody was blown up for these ads, folks. It's called Special Effects. Terrorists don't use special effects. kthxbi.

  • Win Nguyen

    The underlying message may be true but I don't think it motivates actions. You don't make people change by making horror movies. The true purpose of marketing/advertising is to encourage actions. This is where this ad fails.

  • Tom Henry

    Combatting human-caused global warming is the Left’s “religion.” And with this ad, they have perfectly revealed their religious-like fervor. “We know what’s best for you. Follow our “religion” or, infidel, you must die!” Funny how the mode of death is the same as that used by the most dangerous religious fanatics of our day. The Left’s religion is now clearly revealed for all to see. Be very wary if you are an open minded person who “questions authority” and is motivated by evidence-based science, not whatever "feels good." You now have a clear picture, literally, of the fascist-like thinking and motivations of those on the Left who are watching your every move. Be very wary. And be on the lookout for Left-organized book burnings and Left-controlled overt censorship of all mainstream media to happen next.

  • brian

    i think to sum up the whole cut down ur co2 emissions is the simuler to only feeding a child trash food and making him fell guilty for eating it and telling him to reduce his/her consumption of trash food because it isnt good for him/her,, where as if there was more healthier pollution free energy wed all lovenly use it but it seems only trickling true and there is not enough campaigns out there to make cleaner energy innovation but rather to just to save energy it which i think is something that should be considered as with not blatantly wasting energy,,, this add seems to capture the kind of culture that exists today to condemn ppl for not been energy concise as others if more attitude for making energy and campaigns for making energy and innovation it would be great that's all im really talking about and im annoyed seeing adds on tv telling me to save it and how much my foot print is destroying the planet as if there isnt enough stress in the 21 st century and what about George bush and his oil campaign !!! maby campaigns should highlight the root of the problem the crooked politicians and policy makers in it for profit,, and not the end result the consumer , i know this probably wont get posted i dont mind im not sure im making much sense either way

  • brian

    its a stupid add sory to say it , with the suicide bombs in iraq and epically involving kids it just off the beating track completely, if it was shock advertisement there were trying it doesn't even make sense and trying to be funny as well, just to gorey as well and it is a bit like fear mongering as well which i don't like either,, on th plus side i didn't know any thing about 10 10 till i stumbled on to this and today is the 9 th
    so in a way the add did work to some extent ,, but i would much prefer that guilt wasn't inflicted on the world population for a degree or two here and there over the next decade or two the attention should be shifted on to implementing new technology that produces power without fissile fuels ,, the ability is there just it will take a bit of time i bet in 30 years energy systems will be developed to generate power 100 times more than whats used today so fear mongering and pushing guilt on ordinary ppl who don't own power plants that burn coal or petro chemical plants that make gasoline or are political leaders bought off by big oil so the blame shouldn't be put on ordinary Joe or Jane for melting half of Antarctica because they left the light on in the toilet that ind of stuff gets me annoyed basically telling everyone to save energy is taking the attention off making energy ,, there is loads of real ways to make energy and the the areas of attack these campaigns should be focusing on

  • Hanson Quan

    Yes, as much as I am in favor of initiatives to address climate change, this is an appalling way to get the message across. You don't get people on board like this.

  • Frankentron 5000

    Heavy handed, humorless, misguided and pointless; exactly like the entire global warming movement. Governments, businesses and social activists can't change more important things about the world, like the current economic crisis and continuing world violence, so they concentrate on pointless little social exercises that keep the populace feeling busy and involved. The powers behind the creation of this ad obviously hired some activist dropouts to make this thoughtless pile of video garbage. Was it intended to be funny? Threatening? If its some whacked-out version of Monty Python's Mr. Creosote (see "The Meaning of Life"), they could at least have hired John Cleese to portray the school teacher, so we know we're getting something "completely different."

  • Paulah May

    i agree! Although I did actually find the video funny (I don't know why i enjoy disturbing images - maybe that's the PTSD in me... ) but I don't think comedic sensibility is really the relevant point here. The very CONCEPT of "GLOBAL WARMING" is a shock and fear based campaign intended to divert and control the behavior of individuals and limit our choices. The scientific debate still rages on and quite frankly i believe the truth is probably somewhere in the middle. Unfortunately, as with any religion - and that IS what the Global Warming movement has become in my opinion - there will be zealots making huge noises LIKE THIS. As with any religion, there will be those dedicated desciples spreading the WORD, laying out the LAW and the wisdom from higher sources that we must heed for OUR ULTIMATE SALVATION or PERISH!... and they will be astounded by those among us who will not be moved to join the ranks,,, they will lose sleep about how BAD & EVILlives in all of us are who are blinded to their "TRUTH". They will worry that THE END IS NEAR... and the Others.. the evildoers...are hastening the demise of the very world itself! (Oh! What a moral dilemma!! The apocalypse can be avoided IF ONLY we will heed!)
    YES, its a religion - and those who dare to cling to their comfortable human lives&who cannot be emotionally beguiled, frightened half to death, or simply guilted into accepting the ONE TRUE AND RIGHTEOUS WAY OF LIFE - well they should probably not be allowed to screw it up and bring the wrath of the greenhouse gasses down upon the innocent and the obedient... BLOW EM UP!!!
    ......amen to the new Golden Calf & THANK YOU AL GORE for my dead great grandchildren....
    I cant wait til gasoline is $10 a gallon, driving your car ANYWHERE gets you the same social disdain that smoking a cigarette in public will earn you THIS afternoon, and owning one's own personal motor vehicle is well on its way to being outlawed anyway! I bet noone remembers how to grow their own ceasar salad by the time the jobs are all gone. it will be lovely to watch generations of our children and grandchildren perish unneccesarily once we all feel too guilty partake in pertoleum based consumables- even the ones that used to be at the hospital emergency room before no company could afford to keep producing them because of the costly legislation imposed upon them by the will of the people. The people "doing the RIGHT thing" who seem to be demanding that we cease and desist doing the things we've been taught to do, the things that WORK..But if we were good people, caring people, decent people, well apparently with no plan and a simple strategy of FEAR we can just STOP! Stop living the way we live.In our societies where the ENTIRE infrastructure and economy is BASED on doing what we are doing how we are doing it.. But you can clearly see the air quality is suffering - SO JUST STOP! IT'S UP TO YOU - BECAUSE WITH YOUR CONTRIBUTION THE WHOLE WORLD SUFFERS! We can't have that! Let the government figure our how to convert us back to an agrarian society somehow,,,But meanwhile YOU BETTER DO YOUR PART OR EVERYONE WILL KNOW WHO IS TO BLAME FOR OUR DEMISE! It's craziness - but soon even people who arent sure will get on board lest their community find them dirty and unworthy - You arent going to stand a chance with that sort of social pressure. Might be kinder if they just blow you up! Besides, how dare all we worthless bastards just continue doing what our parents taught us to do& live our lives with the tools & resources that are available for us! )
    I LOVE THE AD. Its honest. People really believe in this Global Warmng Doctrine of Fear and Doom and Self-Imposed Apocalypse. And if you don't... they may just disintegrate you ..and your footprint. And our entire way of life will collapse into ruin by the time our grandchildren and great-gradchildren inherit whats left. And our species will have been the maker of its own execution.

  • XSportSeeker

    I can see why Sony pulled off. No matter how much you believe global warming will kill us all, this campaign must be the epitome of the worst type of videos radical groups do.
    It's basically a campaign of fear. It will either incite violence, spread fear of violence or provoke negative reactions from everyone who watches it.
    "If people don't think like me or accept my ideas, let's just explode them".
    You know, just like terrorists and dictatorships. And as soon as you connect NGOs and groups to terrorism, it's the end of it and it's message. No matter how humorous they are trying to look.
    Those who are not willing to accept changes in their lives because they see the very profitable green market and bogus scientific reports will have even stronger reasons not to accept those 10% change after watching this piece of crap.
    I think regardless of everything that goes against the global warming idea, it's still very good to find ways of preserving our planet. Ignore the alarmist bullshit that groups like this one is trying to spread, and just think that regardless of all their yapping and whinning, it's still good to promote actions that helps the planet get cleaner and healthier.
    It saddens me to see Gillian Anderson and Radiohead associated with stuff like this. Really.

  • Vic Harvath

    Climate change? 35 yrs ago it was global cooling,(10 yrs & we be frozen, no crops & running out of oil). 10 yrs ago "it's global warming", some educators & politicians have been brainwashed & fallen for the myth. The fact is that the majority of scientists world wide do not adhere to the belief the any thing humans do can have any effect on our climate. I'm not saying that we shouldn't be wise stewards of caring for our land, but we need to enjoy the modern conveniences that we have been blessed to have.
    Just a note, our air & water in America is far healthier & cleaner than it was 50-60 yrs ago, CO2 is not a poison, plants need it. Oil, according to some scientists, may be a renewable resource. So lets use our own oil while we develop other economical energy sources.It's just common sense to me, how about you?

    Vic Harvath

  • Binita Walia

    hum. this straddles the edges of humour, shock and important message so badly you are left feeling unresolved. not good - you should be left thinking that you can do something good no matter how small.

    Nil Point.

  • Chris Reich

    It's great to have an example of something professionally produced by "experts" that is really, really horrible.

    It's sort of the exact opposite message that's needed. No pressure? Comply or we kill you. Isn't that what the climate change doubters already believe is part of the plot?

    Chris Reich

  • Jeff Robertson

    That is the absolute WORST ad I have ever seen. When asked, 'care to join us' it induced me to say ABSOLUTELY NOT! These people don't appear reasonable or logical in any possible way. Why would I want anything to do with them.