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Worst Ads of 2010: The Winners!

After more than 100,000 votes, The Consumerist has crowned the winners (losers might be more accurate) of its Worst Ads in America Awards. And frankly, we're shocked. We thought those Progressive ads starring the annoying Flo would sweep every catagory, but alas, it appears voters (and some Fast Company readers) have a soft spot for her. 

Below are all the winners, from McDonald's to Jimmy Johnson

Absolute Worst Ad in America

Staples: "Wow! That's a Low Price!" received over 30% of the vote, with Quiznos' bizarre cat-making sandwich ad in a close second with 28.6% of the vote. Flo received just 15.5%.

Most Grating Performance by a Human Being

McDonald's: The fast-food retailer was the clear winner in this category, receiving 35% of the vote.

Most Annoying Animated Spokesthing

General Insurance: What!?! The General? Who knew this 1990s-style CGI, which must've cost quite a penny, would be so poorly received?  

Duo or Group that Most Needs to be Broken Up

JG Wentworth: Self-explanatory.

Celebrity Who Must Have Lost the Most Money in Housing Crash

Extenze: When celebs can't even advertise for Viagra, you know they're desperate for work. Somebody please find Jimmy Johnson a job.  

Creepiest Commercial

Liberator Medical: This cringe-worthy ad took in 46% of the vote—the largest margin of victory of any category.

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  • Ben Sherman

    I have seen MUCH worse than the Staples ad. A guy shouting in the humdrum sterility of an office supply store is kind of refreshing. It’s just nutty enough to be camp. I can't believe the high negative vote. Maybe it woke up too many couch potatoes.

    I agree that the others are bad. McDonald's ads are never good, and somebody should drive a tank over the General Insurance general so they can start over.

    How do you class up JG Wentworth, a bottom-feeding parasite loan business? Maybe lip-syncing opera singers? Nah. The actors aren't believable – way too young. I would have cast real opera singers, all dressed for the show, riding on the metro bus…. if I could find a dozen unemployed opera singers to stoop so low.

    Somebody rent Jimmy Johnson a “hand motions” coach before he hurts himself, or someone else. And, reused Catheters? Let me up! When was this commercial aired? Who is the target audience? Is it closed-circuited in elder care centers? That’s just what I need to hear during dinner, right between the erectile dysfunction and douche commercials. Yuk.