Lady Gaga Is's Most Unwanted Artist

File under "bad romance": Lady Gaga has topped's latest "Most Unwanted Scrobbles" list, meaning her tracks—including megahits "Poker Face" and "Paparazzi"—were most frequently deleted from user playlists last month. Is this the beginning of the end for Fast Company's Most Creative Person in Business?

Not quite. For one, in order to become's most unwanted artist, Gaga had to be pretty in-demand in the first place. Indeed, she touts more than 1.8 million fans on the site, and her songs have logged some 85 million plays. Tack on the 6.5 million Twitter followers and 19 million Facebook "likes," and she's still got plenty of die-hard "little monsters."

But Gaga's ubiquity is clearly grating on more casual fans. For the last two years, the Lady has been everywhere: awards shows, gay-rights rallies, magazine covers, stadiums, YouTube, etc. She consistently makes headlines for wearing outrageous outfits—a meat dress here, a spiky scepter there—and spouting soundbites such as, "I can mentally give myself orgasms."

This is not how we typically deal with pop stars. As Gawker's Brian Moylan observes in post titled "It's Time for Lady Gaga to Go Away":

We're used to a world where musical acts dream up a look and a sound for an album, come out and do a bunch of performances and interviews, release the album, go on tour, and then hibernate for six months to a year (and often longer). After taking time off, they reemerge with another new look and sound, and it's like we're discovering them all over again.

For all her exposure, Gaga has only released one album and one EP, so it's no wonder her songs are played-out. We pop fans loved them—a lot—but we're sick of hearing them in elevators and on hold with the cable company. So Gaga, if you're reading this (ha), start singing something fresh. You're just a few new hits away from topping next September's Most Unwanted list.

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  • Jenny Pepster

    Whether you like her or not, she knows how to make money. People listen to her songs too much. That's because they have addictive, catchy grooves. And she has a new album coming up.
    Some people don't even mind the headlines, they just like the music. I download mine from here:

  • Newton

    Dear Dan,

    When a song is scrobbled, it means the person listened to the track. When someone deletes the track from their scrobbles, they are removing the record of listening to it from their history. The Most Unwanted Scrobbles list is basically the "Guiltiest Pleasures" list. "Lady Gaga - Alejandro" is the most popular track to hide from the world that you've listened to recently.

    Lady Gaga is still number 6 on the most listened to artists according to She also has 3 songs in the top 10 most listened to for last week. (

    Her popularity is not fading, the listeners' shame is growing.


    P.S. You won't find any Lady Gaga in my scrobbles. I'd tell you it's because I don't listen to her, but maybe I just removed the evidence.

  • Rachel Z. Arndt

    I never said Lady Gaga's popularity is fading; in fact, the stats -- as you say -- indicate she's more popular than ever. But it seems like that popularity is starting to grate on some listeners, whether they're deleting her songs outright, or just pretending not to listen to them.