Work Smart 2: Stay Connected While Telecommuting

Working remotely is so liberating—you get to do what you do best, in a location of your choice, without your co-workers or boss always looking over your shoulder. But telecommuting also requires a lot more effort when it comes to maintaining relationships and connections with people back at the office. In this week's episode, IBM-er Rich Edwards asks about the best practices for staying connected and building relationships from afar. I share some advice based on my own work-at-home experience, and then I ask author of Telecommuting Success Michael Dziak for his.

Here is the Popplet mind map used in today's episode:

To print this mind map, click here (PDF file).

Special thanks to Michael Dziak and Rich Edwards for their appearance in this episode and to Popplet. You can download Popplet for the iPad.

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  • Gina

    Being an all virtual team- this is a topic that is on our minds quite a bit. Getting to know the team is a challenge because it can be so easy to feel like you are working in a bubble. I think being aware of the ability to lose the human connection makes it more of a priority for the team as a whole & we work at it even harder.

  • Rich Edwards

    Cool video, I especially liked the funky telepresence robot. Thanks for answering my question and more and I'm looking forward to more in the series.