IBM's "Brain" Guy: Dharmendra Modha

This video is mind blowing. Well, for Dharmendra S. Modha, manager of cognitive computing at the IBM Almaden Research Center, his job is mind developing. Er, coming up with a computing brain that mimics our own. This is a HUGE challenge and he talks about all the people and organizations that IBM is working with to make this happen.

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  • Miguel

    This video is several years old.  It's interesting, but sadly, IBM has given up on simulating/reverse-engineering the brain.  They've shifted gears towards a more realistic goal, which is to implement low-power, low-cost, compact neuromorphic chips that would essentially run in hardware the same artificial neural networks that are developed and trained as software.  The exciting thing about it is that even simple neural networks are extremely powerful problem solving tools in many areas of computing, and they get more powerful the larger they get.  

    Blue sky AI projects are fun, but I think realistic, more narrow AI is not only exciting, but also useful in the near-term.  

    IBM is on a good path, in my opinion.