Work Smart 2: Password Protection

Think about the number of passwords you use. If it's just one or two, then you're probably not storing your data in a very secure way. More likely, you've got anywhere from six to a dozen different passwords for various websites, applications, and projects. In this week's edition of Work Smart 2, Kevin Povondra from Connecticut asks for a better way to store his passwords. But how do you strike a balance between convenience and security? I offer some solutions, and ask Leo Laporte of the TWiT Netcast Network for some of his.

Here is the Popplet mind map used in today's episode:

To print this mind map, click here (PDF file).

Special thanks to Leo Laporte and to Popplet. You can download Popplet for the iPad.

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  • Robert Riley

    This just seems to be an ad for Last Pass. The problem with storing all your passwoeds on a remote server is obvious. A better solution is Robo-Form which stores your encrypted passwords on your computer. It also has a To Go version that operates on a flash drive.

    Oh yeah, popplets are a pain in tthe keister!

  • Lisa Sansom

    But why rely on any technology? Develop a password *system* that is entirely in your head. Remember the system, ditch the technology - unique passwords on EVERY site, and each of them a strong one. It can be done. I blogged about this system and explain it here (for free, no sign-ups - just sharing information and ideas): Any online system can be hacked. Your brain, not so much.