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iPhone Users Way Into Sex, Chicken, Fish Food: Survey

A recent survey by online dating service OkCupid found that iPhone users have more sex than Android users. In that same vein, a new study finds iPhone users are "chicken-eating, diaper-changing, house-cleaning, People-reading fish owners," whereas Android users are "pork-eating, pain-relieving, toilet-scrubbing, Newsweek-reading bird-lovers." At least according to a survey by released today.

As a kick-off for National Coupon Month, the digital coupon company culled data and shopping habits over a seven-month period from the 1 million users of Grocery iQ, a popular app available for the iPhone and Android that integrates's service. The results? Very odd.

iPhone users, for example, purchase fish food 26.2 times more than Android users. Take that Android! Now, you have less sex—and pet fish playtime!

Any more ego-stroking comparisons? According to the survey, coupons for baby products were "overwhelmingly more popular" with iPhone users—these offers were used 41.7 more times than on Androids. Why? Because obviously they're having more sex! Conversely, Android users were two-times as likely to purchase pain relief products.

Seriously though,'s survey reveals possibly the most bizarre comparisons of iPhone and Android users. iPhone users purchase more women's body wash; Android users purchase more toilet bowl cleaner; and both love dinner meats. Who cares?

Until the following bars move, showing Android and BlackBerry sex-use is on the rise, we're not interested in how much fish food iPhone users consume.   

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  • Nate O'Shaughnessey

    I don't think there are any obvious conclusions to be drawn from this "study".
    Great article though.

  • J. Jeffryes

    The obvious answer is iPhones are more popular with women, which would explain the body wash, and more popular with married people of both sexes, which explains the diapers.

    Android, on the other hand, is more popular with single men that don't have sex.

  • Nate O'Shaughnessey

    Are they implying that higher number of sexual partners is a good thing?
    I think it says more about the iPhone users than they would like.

    Like maybe they bought the iPhone because of its exclusivity, to validate their importance as a person. The same reason they pursue, and thus acheive more sexual partners. Lets be honest, your attractiveness has little to do with the sheer number of partners, and more to do with your desire to be with more people, or possible self-worth issues that you seek out others to validate your worth, and that is the test you use... or just drinking too much...

    Or maybe as the study seems to try to make the stretch of implying...
    Maybe the iPhone makes you sexier and people just can't keep their hands off you, and you can't resist them all, your'e just that cool.

    Certianly I don't think the above observation is relavant to all iPhone users; that's just ignorant.
    But maybe this study does reveal something. But with this small amount of data about the complex people involved. Marketers and anyone else that uses the studies results, might want to be careful about relying on these results and their implied connections. They really can be interpretted however you want them to be.

  • Jun Mhoon

    This device is Great. Telephone Sucks! I'm just counting the minute to a Verizon takeover. Pray with me.