Work Smart 2: How to Take Smart Meeting Notes

Welcome to the second season of Work Smart with Gina Trapani. This week, Suhasini Kotcherlakota, an instructional designer at the UNMC College of Nursing in Omaha, NE, asks for smart advice on taking thorough meeting notes. Gina offers her tips, and then calls on Brad Isaac of Persistence Unlimited to learn his techniques.

Here is the Popplet mind map used in today's episode:

To print this mind map, click here (PDF file).

Special thanks to Michael Hyatt for sharing his note-taking system, and to Popplet for the mind map—or download Popplet for the iPad.

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  • Lottie Fur

    As I said in another comment and in another same kind of article; I use an iPad called Beesy. All the notes I take during a meeting are automatically organized (date, person...) and sent my email. You save up so much time it is so useful.

  • Judith Workman

    I enjoyed the e-mail, but when I saw the topic I was hoping to find tips about taking Meeting Notes, i.e. formal notes to be distributed that detail the important points of the meeting for both people who attended and people who were not there. While as an Administrative/Executive Assistant I wish this was a practice that would die out, it hasn't yet.


    Gina, the video production is fantastic. Well done. /subscribed

  • Mary Hinkle Shore

    Very nicely done. Good information in a tidy, quick package. And I disagree completely with the previous comment. If people don't know how to take good notes, they are not DoA. They just need to learn. People can curse the darkness if it makes them feel better, but one hopes they will not languish in such self-indulgence. There is work to be done, after all, and such cursing is unlikely to teach anyone to take notes.

  • Chris Reich

    While this is a nicely done video presentation, if you need lessons or tips for taking notes you're already DOA. We're losing economic ground in the USA exactly because of these kinds of things. Can't take notes? Really?

    It would be better to discuss having noteworthy meetings.

    I can see a hundred 'consultants' thinking, "Hey! I can teach this at a seminar!" Don't.

    Chris Reich

  • NoahRobischon

    Glad you like the video, but I disagree. Just as we can improve on how we already organize our calendar or files, getting better at taking notes can improve your ability to remember details. It's the quality of the note-taking more than the ability to transcribe that counts.