BP Report Points Finger at Own Engineers for Deepwater Blowout

The explosion aboard the Deepwater Horizon was caused by a BP engineering error, says the firm's official report into the catastrophe. Although it is not due to be released for another ten days, the report says that an employee misread pressure data, giving the go-ahead to replace the drilling fluid with seawater. As a result of using the lighter liquid, natural gas shot up the pipeline and exploded on the rig, killing 11.

The 200-page report has been compiled by BP's head of safety and operations, Mark Bly, who finds both BP and Transocean jointly responsible for the disaster. Although BP initially tried to hold both Transocean, the firm operating the rig, and Halliburton, the contractor, responsible, the report reveals that Halliburton had in fact warned BP of a potential blowout. BP's two partners have both claimed in front of federal investigators that they were following BP's designs and directives on the rig.

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  • Sean

    It seems to me that it's not atypical if they'd find a guy on the lowest end of the ladder, simply to pass the blame off to. I guess that's the way corporate damage control works, after all.

    Now, why do I find it so difficult to believe that a disaster of that magnitude could be blamed on only one action by only one worker? and not, at all, on any executive oversights?

    Does the responsibility for all oil rig operations reside on exactly one engineer? Is *that* how BP runs it?