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Google Reportedly Taking Aim at Skype With Voice Calling in Gmail

CNet reports an as yet unconfirmed rumor that Google is testing a voice calling service, to be embedded inside Gmail and thus a Web-based VoIP product. The service will, according to the rumor, be launched from the Google Chat window where contacts reside, and will be a sort of combination of Google Talk and Google Voice.

Google Talk, launched a few years ago, is a combination of instant messaging and VoIP, while Google Voice consolidates various phone numbers into a single one, along with other services like voicemail transcription. But what CNet is reporting is a bit different: true Web-based phone calls, for free (or very cheap). Users won't even be required to have a Google Voice number to use the upcoming service.

According to CNet's sources, the service will be free within the USA and Canada, and will carry a very small charge for international calls, much like other VoIP services like Skype.

Google has declined to comment, but the idea isn't far-fetched at all. Google Talk and Voice are products in a similar vein, showing the company has an interest in experimenting in VoIP, and the screenshots obtained by CNet look quite real. We'll keep you updated if we hear more on the subject.

Dan Nosowitz, the author of this post, can be followed on Twitter, corresponded with via email, and stalked in Brooklyn (no link for that one—you'll have to do the legwork yourself).

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  • Yeah, Skype and Google Voice is really developing into a nice service for social and casual interactions. Alternatively, RHUB web conferencing servers, also provide free audio conferencing service with landline voice quality.

  • Peter Concordia

    Already using it since today - 3 calls made - sound was so-so for the person at the other end, I could hear them ok.
    Not much of a rumor, it's posted front and center in google's blog.
    >> Call phones from Gmail - Official Gmail Blog

  • Hotrao

    I think Google will be a great competitor for Skype and MSN, because of some important factors:

    a) Broadness of services offered

    b) Potential integration of services

    c) Reliability

    d) Capability of service visioning

    The hope is that they don't go too far in imagination just like they did with Wave and do something simple and effective like they did with other service (Docs, Mail,...)