Flush With Oil Cash, Southern Sudan Plans Giraffe-Shaped Capital City and a Rhinopolis

City architects tap their inner animals and go wild on urban planning.

Sudan animail-shaped cities

Southern Sudan expects to hit big with oil in the coming years, and what does the government plan to do with the newfound billions? Build animal-shaped cities. That's right, the government recently announced that it's capital, Juba, will be transformed with neighborhoods, amusement parks, roads, and buildings that all fit nicely into blueprints of a giraffe, and nearby Wau will take the form of a rhino.

The project will cost an estimated $10.1 billion dollars. Locals have been quoted as saying they believe such a massive overhaul will mean Southern Sudan is "developed," but in reality over 90% of the country is extremely poor, fitting into the very bottom of the economic pyramid at earnings of $1 per day.

We've had some recent discussions of what makes a "top city"—could animal type be the next defining criteria?

[Photo by Pete Muller/AP Photo]

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  • Nate O'Shaughnessey

    I'm sure they're sharing that new found wealth with all the people that help make it...
    I can see how having your city laid out as an animal would be a good use of money.

    So as the citizens that fly overhead look down, they see the faint outline of a giant animal, so they know which city it is below. That will build pride in their country and help them be nicer to their neighbors and work harder.

    How long exactly would it take at $1/day to buy a plane ticket?
    oh yeah, that's assuming they don't actually need to spend that $1 on food, shelter, medicine, clothing etc. If they can get by without those, then they can save up for a few years and fly somewhere, so they can see their city and have pride... I can see where the citizens would probably agree that their own government spent the money well.

    I'm an american citizen, and in the same way I can certainly look at how our government spends money in the best way to help the most people and be proud and support their decisions.