How to Help Pakistan's Flood Victim

Millions in Pakistan need clean water, sanitary food, housing and medical care. Organizations are now on the ground helping those displaced by the worst floods in 80 years. Here's how you can support their efforts.

pakistan floodIn Pakistan, an estimated 3 million victims of the worst floods in 80 years are searching for hope. Hundreds of thousands have lost their homes, drinking water is filthy and contaminated, and food is scarce. One look at the devastating images of men and women walking through brown water up to their chests makes all of us feel grateful for our comfortable — and dry — homes.

The Pakistanis need us. So Tonic compiled this list of organizations working on the ground in Pakistan in need of donations. We know that many of you want to do more and volunteer. Unfortunately, as of now, opportunities are sparse. If you know of any ways to get involved, please let us know in the comments section below.

So please, share the gratitude. Send that text to donate, or click on that link. It only takes a minute to help.

  • Hillary Clinton announced Wednesday that Americans could text the word "SWAT" to the number 50555 to donate $10 per SMS message to the UN High Commissioner for Refugees to provide tents, clothing, food, clean water and medicine to Pakistan.
  • American Red Cross seeks to raise $100,000 to aid its Pakistan equivalent — Pakistan Red Crescent — with teams on the ground providing food, other relief items and medical care. To donate, go to their website.
  • UNICEF is providing help with water, sanitation, health and nutrition for displaced children and families. To donate, please click here.
  • Stamford, Conn.-based AmeriCares is sending medical and other aid to the hardest-hit areas of the flood. Readers can donate through the AmeriCares website.
  • CARE needs donations for its health teams, mobile clinics and distribution of food, which will help 100,000 flood victims. To donate, go to their website.
  • Doctors Without Borders/Medecins Sans Frontieres is providing water, sanitation help, hygiene kits, cooking utensils and other items to Pakistanis. Doctors Without Borders has also prepared itself to care for patients in case of cholera outbreaks. To donate to Doctors Without Borders, give to its emergency fund.
  • The International Medical Corps (IMC) has sent mobile medical teams of doctors and paramedics to assist victims in the hardest hit areas of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Province in the northwest. To make a donation to the Santa Monica, Calif. based organization, founded by a UCLA doctor, go to the IMC website. The organization is also seeking doctors, nurses and trained professionals from a wide variety of fields. For more information and to volunteer, visit the Corps' website.
  • Westport, Conn.-based Save the Children, dedicated to helping children worldwide, is already providing medical care, food and shelter kits. To donate to its Pakistan efforts, click here.
  • Mercy Corps' Pakistan Emergency Fund supports Mercy Corps workers with their efforts in helping displaced families in the hard-hit Swat Valley. Visit the Mercy Corps website to donate to the Pakistan Emergency Fund.
  • The World Food Programme, the world's largest humanitarian agency fighting hunger, is supplying food to the tens of thousands affected by the floods. To donate, visit the WFP website.
  • Islamic Relief Worldwide, a relief organization based in Birmingham, England, has launched a £2 million (or $3.2 million USD) appeal to deliver clean water, food and health care. You can donate here.
  • BRAC has temporarily halted its normal operations in Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa to provide relief work. Due to the acute food shortage, BRAC Pakisan has begun to deliver food packets containing such items at rice, lentils, flour and water purification tables. In the immediate future, the team will also be distributing Oral Rehydration Salts (ORS) and sending out a medical team to begin assessing health needs. To donate, click here.

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  • riasat

    Pakistan is facing most difficult period of her history .Every Pakistani is under lot of stress due to many factors some of these are terrorist attacks, law and order situation, bad governance, corruption .economic difficulties, unemployment and above all the worst flood, wiping off complete villages and towns. Many people think that we will not be able to come out of this difficult period but the human history give hope that we will come out of this period with flying colors and may build a better infrastructure.
    My this mail is to everyone on this list but only those may respond who is convince with us .we do not need donations we need participations, we do not need aid but need ideas to overcome this difficult time .We think that to overcome this difficult time we need to make a sustainable rehabilitation programme .At the moment many people are helping the affected people in different capacity ;but after some time the people will take it as a normal issue ,more over the donors are also concentrating on immediate relive .However this flood should not be taken as normal flood because the complete villages with infrastructure have been wiped off ,the main source of income may be the agriculture, industry work and all other sources are destroyed .The government is neither very rich nor have resources to build the infrastructure immediately rather they are in debit and asking for more the bad governance and corruption culture coupled with the cruel way of looting the masses are normal practices .The evil elements hide outs are also destroyed and they will come towards main cities and try to exploit the innocent people who have to come to main cities ;just imagine the outcome .The hide out of the Dacos in Kacha have been destroyed and they are now in open .
    Under these circumstances we need to plan a sustain able solution which may provide a good source of income in days to come for each affected family this can be through arranging employment for those who can work and training of those who needs to be trained in any form .We may start the cottage industry programmes for woman children and elders, Global adoptable technical training for man and woman. exploration of international market to adopt their work culture and develop the human resources as per those markets HRD standards and get them certified form those market reputable bodies; so that those market HR demands are met as per their requirements . This cannot be done by the government and that to from ministry of labor alone these have to be done through honest volunteers .We need more Ideas from you to have a sustainable solution for after the flood proarmme. Plans to provide employment to those who will not have any sources of employment, plans to build infrastructure so that we have sustainable social economic stability .
    Best regards
    Reserving all my best wishes for my country I make a wish for all of us ,The wish for strength for not to get afraid of disasters but to build strength to fight and over come all the difficulties in a dignified manner and stand honored and respectful in the rows of dignified nations .God may give us the pride so that we do not bag for the help from others but to stand like a rock under all circumstances and come out of the difficulties with flying colors .wish so that God bestow the heist level of Integrity so that we do not blame government or other for not helping but to fight these disasters in a dignified way and over come all the short coming by our own efforts like the dignified nations .

  • mrs sara umar


    many thnxs and Jazak Allah Kheir for the knowledge and the information above.
    my cousin, personally with a team of friends and family is himself visiting villages and places devasted by flood. you an view it in my face book webpage, my email address is :, and if you need to see the pics i can even upload it here, if you wish, any donations are welcome...
    many thnxs